A Roon End Point and DAC

FWIW, I have been using the original PowerPoint with the exaSound e38 multichannel DAC for a while now. Running Roon core or as an endpoint for Roon (on Nucleus+ or my main server), it supports all multichannel files on my NAS as well as the few on Qobuz.

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Not just an end-point, is it? Competition for the Nucleus:

The network server in the PlayPoint DM comprises a Linux computer that runs Roon Labs’ Server music playback software and functions as a Roon Core.

On the other hand, this suggests it may not be very powerful:

"Users interested in power-intensive DSP processing can opt to use an external Roon Server.”

It’s amusing that these reviews parrot all the technical manufacturer’s specs, but don’t bother to tell you which CPU chip is being used. Perhaps a Celeron J3160?

I can think of better ways to spend $15,000.:grin:

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If it’s like the Innous devices, it’s a Pentium N4200 chip.

Definitely underpowered. Absurd at that price point.

Perhaps but certainly not for the Nucleus+.

Seriously. I was pumped when I read that piece earlier today but then hit the price and balked. Added the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ today and am very very happy.

I was not referring to the PlayPointDM but to the original PlayPoint which can be connected to any of exaSound’s DACs (including the multichannel e38) as well as a few others.

The article I posted was about the new PlayPoint, so that’s what I was referring to.:confused:

Acknowledged but my comment was directed at the person to whom you had replied.

You clearly do not own any of the Innuos servers

I said if it’s like the Innuos. I didn’t mean the Innuos was absurd. I meant, as I implied, at $15,000 for the device that started this article, a N4200 was on the cheap.

A little defensive, huh?

I get that, but “definitely underpowered” applies to Innuos as well (in your post). Anyways… carry on.

I stand by my assessment. I like the Innuos devices, particularly the OS. If they came with a beefier chip, I would see them as a more viable choice to run Core. I don’t believe an N4200 chip is enough for a Core, as regards advanced DSP or multiple endpoints, but whatever.

From one of your previous posts -

Yes, that was exactly my question when I was looking into it. Months ago. In April 2018!

Good investigative work LOL!!

I did take the leap of faith, and pre-ordered my ZENith MK3. I have had it for the past month. I could not be more happy with it! it’s a special device. You have to own it to appreciate it. Everything else, other than personal experience, is just… talk

Fair enough, that’s all that counts.

Out of curiosity, do you have many endpoints, do advanced upsampling or any other CPU intensive DSP?

Out of curiosity for what? You want to buy one, or to prove your “armchair quarterback” argument?

Listen, I’m asking you a legitimate question. If you don’t want to answer, OK.

As in the past, you seem to be unable to carry on a discussion without becoming obnoxious.

A question artfully evaded.

Have the last word

Yes. (ten char.)