A simple Input / turntable solution for Roon

I’ve been looking for a simple input solution that would be essentially a standalone icecast server with RCA inputs. I know this can be constructed but I was looking for an affordable box I could just buy. I finally found one and thought I would share it with the Roon community:

“The Instreamer ICE encodes analog audio into MP3 or AAC+ for streaming to an Icecast or
Shoutcast internet radio streaming service in the cloud. The Instreamer ICE also has an Icecast
server built in and is able to feed up to 100 web radio listeners directly without the requirement to
subscribe to an internet radio service provider.”

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Converting analogue vinyl to lossy digital kind of defeats the whole object of listening to vinyl.

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Indeed. However I have about 1000 78s that I still enjoy playing as well.

Also very useful for connecting other sources. For example, Roon is not great for Podcasts but connecting a Belkin Airplay 2 interface to this allows for slinging your iPhone to all your Roon speakers.

Just rip the vinyl to flac and be done. Playing the 78’s is a lossy result as every play takes a little more life out of the pressing