A situation with Mytek

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’

In the last few days, we’ve been asked what’s going on with Mytek’s Brooklyn Bridge. We were hoping to stay out of this, but part of being Roon Ready means we keep our users informed on issues that could impact their Roon Ready support.

It is our understanding that Mytek is in dispute with their ex-business partner, a company named HEM. An action has been taken by HEM that is bringing customers into the dispute. These 2 companies need to resolve this situation themselves, and hopefully, they can do that without affecting existing customers any further.

We are willing to share what we feel is important for Roon users to know if they are using the Roon Ready integration of the affected product (the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge).

Who do you love?

We love the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s one of our favorite Roon Ready integrations.

In regards to the dispute, our relationship has been with Mytek Digital USA, and our primary contact has been @michal_jurewicz1. Mytek Digital USA, specifically @michal_jurewicz1, has led and been involved in all aspects of the Brooklyn Bridge’s Roon Ready certification. He has delivered all the devices to us, managed the development efforts, and dealt with us on all marketing activities. All of the web and manual links that are shown point to the website Mytek Digital USA and @michal_jurewicz1 owns.

We do not have any relationship with HEM, although they do seem to have created Roon community accounts in the last few days to post here.

What’s going on?

Right now there is device firmware that has been released by HEM that some devices have taken which changes the branding of the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge to HEM branding, while still reporting itself to Roon as a Mytek device. Because this is just a firmware update on a device that was already certified, it is now being inconsistent in that it displays Mytek branding in Roon and HEM branding on the device.

This firmware was not certified by Roon and is not in compliance with the Roon certification requirements. We can’t recommend changing to firmware that has not been tested by Roon Labs, especially one that creates confusion and inconsistency. Please avoid this firmware.

Ray of Light

If you have been impacted by this, you should contact techsupport@mytek.audio, who can help you get back on track.


Further clarification: HEM Electronics was Mytek contract manufacturer and they also developed firmware for us and were representing us in the European Union. In 2018 , the owner Marcin Hamerla decided to register Mytek trademark in EU without our permission. It’s explicitly prohibited by EU law for a representative to register the trademark of the Company they represent and MH did just this with intention to wrestle Mytek business in Europe from us in the manner they are doing it now: claiming they are Mytek, setting up a fake mytek-europe website that is 1:1 copy of our old website and now messing with Mytek clients claiming they can help you or sell you a piece of gear. HEM was a “contract manufacturer”. Similarly, as Foxconn is not Apple, neither HEM is Mytek. All IP, copyright software, designs brand, logos etc were and continue to be Mytek property. We have filed legal proceedings with aim to shut HEM’s Mytek activity by summer. We have no idea why HEM is doing all this (instead of negotiating with us) and what exactly Marcin Hamerla is trying to accomplish now, but this will be shut down. If you need real help from real Mytek and the path forward towards new Mytek products that are actually Roon based and are NOT made by HEM, please talk to us. We will focus on maintaining the support through our tech support system and also the new Mytek Audio Community facebook page: Facebook Groups. Please sign up there and please follow me there for more details on the future of Brooklyn Bridge outside of HEM. Sincerely, Michal Jurewicz, Mytek Founder and President


Thanks for clarifying and I’m sorry your company is going through this. Are any other mytek products like the Brooklyn DAC and Brooklyn DAC+ affected by this firmware issue?

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If this dispute started in 2018 why has it taken this long to do something, or speak out sooner than now?
I would’ve thought that if you started legal proceedings, the first thing a lawyer would tell you is to stay quiet on public forums and say nothing that could be used against you.

There are two sides to every story, but it does appear that HEM are taking the higher ground and not turning this into a pissing contest, for now.

Not sure why Roon is taking sides, it’s this a parochial thing?

I thought that was made crystal clear in the first post?

I’m not sure how it could be any clearer.

They have mentioned they have a business relationship with one of the parties involved, which seems to be based on geographical convenience. It does not explain why they seem to “vaguely” discredit the other party.
I’m looking forward to how this will play out.

Based on chronological events if you read it more carefully. Starting with, the very beginning of the relationship…

But anyway, yes, hopefully all parties come to a peaceful and amicable resolution.

Because the other party has changed the firmware to be non-compliant with the Roon Ready certification. From our point of view, we got involved only because of questions directed to us about the certification + branding concerns.

So, just to confirm, the ONLY difference is the “rebranding” of the firmware from Mytek to HEM?
Have you tested the firmware in-house?

Mytek has supported our customers for 30 years and will continue to do so. Mytek products sound great and are well designed and tend to have lifetimes beyond that of other electronics. We have recording studios which still use 8X96adc and dac designed in 1998. We always offered an upgrade path forward, especially on more expensive products. Either through upgrades, or trade ins and special care for loyal customer. I already mentioned we will do the same with Brooklyn Bridge II. Yes, Brooklyn Bridge (1) will not have new functionality, but with firmware 1.44 does what we promise it’ll do when you bought BB. If you expect a future functionality beyond this, the Brooklyn Bridge II will be the way to go. We will announce the details of the trade in upgrade program when we are closer to the release date (May/June). We announced the change in business with HEM on Nov 1 , 2020. Generally all Mytek products bought via HEM until the Dec 31, 2020 are considered legitimate. Anything purchased via HEM or a HEM dealer (in Europe) after that is considered legally counterfeit and cannot not be supported by Mytek. If you unwillingly did buy it then, please contact us for advice and resolution.

Sincerely, Michal at Mytek

No, that is not the only difference. From this forum, I’ve learned that they have changed something related to input switching, which is a critical part of the Roon Ready certification process.

We have not tested it. We do not have access to it. The normal contacts at Mytek that we communicate with are telling us that it is a rogue update.

I am only making this statement because Roon Labs can not address issues with this firmware, and some users are asking us what’s going on. As stated before, I am advising that everyone who cares about their Roon Ready integration not take this update. Caveat emptor.

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Thank you for the information, it’s nice to have some first hand info about the situation you are going through and obviously I am sorry for that.

I, together with many others, was caught in the middle of this and purchased a BB at the beginning of January, days before the BB was marked as discontinued on your website and with no idea about what was going on.

I do sympathize with Mytek, please do the same with your customers and I hope you may find a sort of solution in order to avoid us to be stranded.
Thank you and be safe!


30 years of a great company to be tarnished by this unfortunate situation. I have a BB with an inherent bug due to the 1.51 update that is no fault of my own. I followed all the instructions and updated as scheduled long before it was released that Mytek had split from HEM. And now Mytek won’t stand behind the BB with 1.51. It seems I have a $4000 paper weight and I am not happy about it.

You know what they say, “don’t rest on your laurels.” I wish Mytek had followed such advice.

Overall I imagine that many Mytek customers are very upset and frustrated with this blatant disregard for customer satisfaction. I can’t see how a company with a mistake like this can stay in business. We the people are part of the reason why companies “make it” in the first place.

I really hope that Mytek can turn it around and make right which is clearly wrong. I believe in second chances and I believe Mytek can do it.

Please find a way to fix 1.51 or allow us to revert back to 1.44. Or allow those with 1.51 to trade in our BB’s for some kind of credit towards a BB II.

Thank you and best regards,

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I believe we need to be patient and let the Mytek team figure this out.

Let’s not resort to rash generalizations. The BB is not a paper weight. They are having a dispute with a major partner and it is affecting customers. This is a nightmare for you, but even bigger nightmare for a small business like Mytek.

Many companies large and small endure similar situations like this. Many release products that break technologies.

Be patient. Enjoy your system that works today and trust they will find a way to resolve and support the BB over time.


Wise words Victor_O_Brian, Patients is a virtue, I stand corrected. God bless

Surely if Michal is a Mytek guru, a firmware can be written and offered to all who want it?
It seems like both parties are refusing to do anything UNTIL there is a winner in the courts.

The only winners will be the lawyers.

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