A Software Update is Available - Click here to relaunch Roon 1.8 build 970

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MacOS 12.5.1

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Description of Issue

I keep getting the message that an update is available. I hit “Click here to relaunch” in Settings. Roon relaunches but get the same messages.

While sitting on this page Roon is taking up to 1000% percent of my CPUs.

Try clicking the “Update All” link in the Update available panel instead of the Relaunch link in the Mac panel…

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you could also just close and quit the app (assuming its the one causing the high CPU) and just download the latest installer from Roonlabs website

Or they can fix the actual issue so that other users aren’t affected either.

Did that. Same thing.

Yes, I was hoping that they would fix it rather than downloading the new version.

Don’t know what happened to Roon support. There used to be a way to contact them direcly but doesn’t seem to exist anymore. For such an expensive product you would think that they would offer direct support rather than relying on the community to do the support work for them.

They don’t “rely” on the community, but we can be an additional resource to assist where we can. The Support team is small (4 people?); if we didn’t help, response times would be even longer than they are now.

That aside, what’s the current status of your issue? Have you downloaded and installed the latest version?

Hey @David_Moor,

Ben here with the support team, apologies for the delay in my response! I wanted to check in on this thread to make sure you were able to update properly.

After taking a look at your account, it does look like all is well in that regard with your devices all being on the 1021 build. I did want to mention we just released a brand new update today - Stable build 1105. Please let me know if you run into any issues updating with this most recent build as well :pray:

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