A sound sound card?

Probably of limited interest to the forum, nevertheless -

Well, I’ve been using the NU since january of last year, and am in the processess of doing a jump upgrade with EVGA to get my Nu Pro. If you care, I can tell you about the NU. I will be happy to post findings of the NU Pro when I receive and start using it.

To the point. Using a NU with a well put together system, blows A LOT of DACs out of the water. Its DSD output is great. For example, the NU sounds way better than the Peachtree Nova 150/300/500 Amp’s DAC.

I am hoping to also test out the new multi-channel by setting it up as a multi-channel Roon enabled DAC endpoint in a custom built PC. It should handle multichannel FLAC and DSD without breaking a sweat.

Yeah, I figured you’d know about this.:slightly_smiling_face:

Always ready to get info about any toys.

I’m more interested in the 7.1 card, tho.

Actually, it is a 7.1 daughter card. The pro consists of the updated NU, with better caps and op-amps, AND, a 7.1 daughter board. So, it takes up two back slots.

The two will be available independently after the first production run from EVGA. Given that I gave them a lot of feedback on their drivers issues with Roon, I’m hoping that some of the last few prickly issues are gone.


Got my NU Pro upgrade. So far I do think it sounds a bit better. However, the driver issues are not completely free and clear.

I wonder if @jussi_laako has had an opportunity to check out the new card.

Good that you reminded me about that, I had forgotten this. However, it doesn’t seem to be available yet on the EVGA EU side store, so I think I need to wait still before I can get one.

Hi all,
This is kind of an old thread…but I just bought the original EVGA Nu audio card (not the new PRO, got a good deal) to start my experience with an Headphone setup (HIFIMan Sundara)… starting “small” and then go from there… :slight_smile: …since Roon will be my main interface to listen to music (local files+Tidal), I wonder what is the best volume management setup? It would be very handy for me to manage the sound volume through Roon, but I read the Nu card has a specific Analog volume dedicated to the Headphone jack and can have a big impact on the sound experience…can Roon control that dial directly or just the Windows Main volume? Any experience/advise would be great…

On a side note, regarding my choice of headphones, is the Sundara a good start? Can this Audio Card drive more high end Headphones, like the Arya’s, etc…?

Why would anyone buy a sound card in 2020? Honest question. Does it replace a full-blown DAC at least?

I have the EVGA NuAudio card and I use it quite a lot. I don’t actually see a reason not to…

Again, what for?

Reasonable cost, very good performance, doesn’t take any additional space since it sits inside the computer. And is powered up/down with the computer. So why not?

I also have bunch of RME HDSPe AIO’s for doing S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital inputs to the servers.

Because my computer needs sound and Realtek is absolute garbage. The Nu was designed by Audio Note, uses an AKM chip and can do up to DSD256. Sounds amazing when getting ASDM7ec from HQPlayer running to a Pair of Monitor nearfield speakers on my desk.

I had the NU when it debuted, and then shifted to the Pro when it was released.

Running it at DSD256 produces very nice performance for the price.

1 kHz THD test tone:

19+20 kHz IMD test tone:

24-bit jitter test tone:

I have my audio eco-system are sorted out, for now anyway.

Thinking about building a new computer and using this sound card in place of my Onkyo 7.1 receiver.

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No one interested in sharing some insights on my question…? :roll_eyes:

Well, I don’t use the card with headphones and i only use Fixed Volume out. So, I don’t really have any direct insights to your questions.

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