A strange one, identifying an album

So I’m browsing “new wave” genre and come to the specials and the review mentions it contains “Maggies’s Farm”
Huh! I thought and had a look and where the track I had was International Jet Set Roon said otherwise.

No problem I’ll identity it again I thought.

Ah yes,this is the one…

So I click save and hey presto, well no hey presto at all really, nothing changes-

What I did then was, restarted Roon server, same.
cleaned up library, the same
Tried it on PC rather than iPad, same.

Any ideas?


Hey John,

Looks like you have a special release that doesn’t seem to have album metadata.

Right click (or long press) the song and click edit on the top corner. Then select edit track and type in the proper name of the song and save it.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg,

I’m being a bit silly mixing what the right and left hand if the screen are actually showing!

I’ll try the manual route.



Hi John,

Another option could be selecting the the single track or all the tracks and then Edit > Metadata Preference > Prefer File.

Cheers, Greg

Indeed I actually figured that out and was coming back to post about it!

This is actually very handy as I have spent a bit of time moving tracks up and down early in my Roon odyssey when trying to "indentify "


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