A thread to actually celebrate Roon and no doom and gloom please!

Put simply, Roon brings together most of the things that I need/want when listening to music. No other software does this. I did my research before signing up and realised that Roon needs a solid network to function properly. For me this is the key. This forum provides valuable insights into how to get things working and support when things go wrong.


I love it, coming from a pretty extensive experience in streaming i trialled Roon from the end of 2015.
After one year i went lifetime, no hesitation at all.

It has been very stable, i would say exceptionally stable!, for a continuosly evolving product which integrates several third party services and cloud based information sharing.

I cant say i use each and every bit of the possibilities Roon gives me, but i like what i use, and use what i like so to speak.

I was one of those who advocated for MQA support a few years back, but now i have serious regrets about that. There are other features that is of no use for me, and the ballast seem to be leaning towards streaming as of now and i don’t want/need that. I have a healthy local library of around 150K tracks and is quite content with that. The albums i like, i buy from Bandcamp/Qobuz and add.

Like some other guys here, i have several Cores and endpoints of almost all varieties, from cheap’n’nasty NanoPi’s to Aries G1/SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo and AirPlay/Sonos stuff. My Cores are running on everything from barebone Celerons to Core i7 computers and NAS’s. I also bring a contained Roon infrastructure with me to my cabin, based around a MacBook Pro 2017 with a portable 5Tb drives and a Chord Mojo, listening to music without Internet access.

I am very pleased with the software as it meets my needs very well, and sounds as good as anything else i’ve tried, if not better.

So, a big “Thumbs up!” to the team!


I’m in - 1.8 simply works as I need.

100% - works fine for me. Best thing I’ve used to manage my music.

Roon = Music

It’s as simple as that.

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I’m a happy Roon camper, while accepting that it’s not perfect. It’s apparent that Roon customers use the software in different ways. I have zero interest in Valence/Roon Radio, as long as the “Off” switch works I couldn’t care less. I drive my listening through the metadata browsing, discovering players or song covers, etc. and have no desire to pass control to AI. For my style of discovery Roon’s simply the best tool I’ve found and by some distance.

Does saying that search absolutely sucks still count as doom or gloom? Sorry but it’s true and it’s my only major bugbear with Roon.


Roon has its warts, but what doesn’t?

I have no major complaints and the minor problems I could fix on my own.

This summer will find me breaking even on a lifetime, but in spite of that I have no need to audition other software.


You get a pass on that… :innocent:

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Roon continues to work very well for me. I’ve been a lifetime subscriber for nearly as long as lifetime subs have existed. I’m quite happy with 1.8. I have a handful of minor dislikes (some of which existed in 1.7 as well), but they’re subjective and don’t stand in the way of the enjoyment I get from Roon. On the other hand, 1.8 has also produced some improvements for me, and I appreciate the design.

I’ll never understand the purpose of threads that demand a self-selecting echo chamber for participation.

It’s as weird as starting a bashing thread and demanding “nobody post unless you are going to slag off the product”.

What do you hope to achieve?


Avoiding endless debates involving the likes of me? :joy:


There could be two reason:

  1. Given the massive complaints against version 1.8 some kind of research on whether it is really that bad and looking to see if there are also happy users.

  2. Providing some positive feed back to the team around @enno wo certainly tried hard to bring out a real good product, but were “sh**stormed” by a number of users who delivered their feedback in an unacceptable unfriendly, nasty and pretentious way.

By the way @enno, hope you weren’t to disappointed. Here is a happy bunch and I can echo above comments.


Creating a thread that suggests: don’t post unless you believe x is true, isn’t research. Regardless of which a poll was done not long after launch and over half the respondees claimed to be happy or deliriously happy with 1.8., so I feel that ship has sailed.

Being nasty is unpleasant if you’re on the end of it, but again, creating an echo chamber doesn’t solve anything. Constructive criticism and debate is healthy on a forum.

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Constructive, right most of what we reading the past weeks was not constructive.

It was far away from constructive.
Possibly also a very one sided echo chamber of very vocal users, distorting the true satisfaction of the user base.

So fishing for positive feedbacks could be understood as an attempt to put on a contrast on the bashing which has happens here in the past weeks.

Echo chamber or not, it is a very decent thing to do.


No, it isn’t.

You’re going to read some stuff you don’t want to read on a large, active forum. Telling people not to post in a thread if they don’t subscribe to your worldview is ridiculous. Start your own forum as an admin, where you set the rules. Live happily ever after.


Sometimes it’s rather nice to hear a positive take on things - quite therapeutic really.


Is anyone disputing this?

You asked:

I replied:

The therapeutic effect of positivity rather gets lost if its just another moany pile on.


Nobody said you CANT post your negative nelly musings here at all.
I just politely requested you do not as not in the spirit of my intent.

Big difference but feel free to post whatever you like ,after all it is a free forum.


I think it is decent from a human, cordial perspective.

You may be right in your formal view that one should not exclude other opinions.
Indeed this is contrary to the purpose of a forum if it were to be the rule.

However, it isnt the rule.
Kevin’s call was (presumably) an exception.
And he is probably also amused about what kind of discussion this triggers again. :slight_smile:

So we agree to disagree and we live happily ever after.

Best wishes

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