A thread to actually celebrate Roon and no doom and gloom please!

Of late all I seem to read is Roon bashing threads left, right and center.
And I get it if you have serious issues as you have paid good money so carry on to get a resolution obviously but PLEASE stay away from this thread, there are more than enough doom and gloom threads to share your cheese and whine on … :innocent:

So I just wanted to see how many similar souls there are out there who find Roon just flat out WORKS end of story.
I have had zero issues ever that were not self caused by a brain fart or two!
Now I am not really asking too much of Roon I admit and a lot of the features that seem to be the source of much angst here are of no interest to me at all so there is that too.

I have 4 endpoints, 1 wired, 3 wireless…6 separate controllers and a Nuc 7i3 with the core on it and i stream Qobuz and a large library of my own ripped music.

No dropouts, no hangups, no disappearing endpoints, no oddities at all.

It just flat out plain works 100% of the time.

So who else is in the same camp and think it is money well spent?


I agree. Roon has worked flawlessly for me for almost 1 1/2 years streaming Tidal and Qobuz. I had some problems with dropouts the first month trying to run the Roon core on a WIFI connected laptop. That was solved with an ethernet connected Nucleus. Roon works perfectly 100 percent of the time.

I liked Roon 1.7 and dreaded the upgrade to 1.8. The upgrade worked perfectly and I like Roon 1.8. I have zero issues.




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I am a new user to Roon, V1.8 is the first one I tried and am on Nucleus. It just works!! And the UI is addictive. This is one stellar product!!


Definitely money well spent for me. I can’t say that I’ve never had a problem, but I have actively gone looking for them so that’s not surprising.

Having purchased lifetime nearly six years ago I’m currently considering whether to ruin Roon’s business model even further by buying lifetime for my daughters. If they show a flicker of interest I probably will.


Not sure the feature set is quite right , but as for stability I can’t fault it, coming up 5 years

I think the KISS principle holds, keep everything bog standard in the core and sit back. Too many detractors have fancy stuff , try using WiFi where it’s clearly not working and my favorite, are afraid to reboot a PC , how many complaints does a good restart fix

I hate the negativity on the forum, there are some people who criticized 1.8 within hours of release, i for one am still finding Ah Ah moments, maybe I’m just old and slow :smiling_imp:


I bought the Roon life license ~3 years ago. Since then I use it intensely, many hours a day, without major problems. I can say that it was the best investment in software. :slight_smile:


Yep. I’m good. Three years in, in two separate scenarios, multiple endpoints. About to update a third from a 2011 Mac mini core to a NUC / ROCK combo. Have salvaged unused amps / speakers / cables / dacs etc etc and discovered new music in most genres except free jazz (which goes right over my head). 2 channel / multichannel / portable speaker setups. No problems that could not be resolved by a rare mass recycle / reboot. Even accepting prehistoric metadating issues on classical box sets, because, when all is said and done, press play, and the music I want to hear, plays. And occasionally, when I’m lazy, Roon radio takes over and new worlds are discovered, and old ones are revisited with pleasure. And for some strange, unexplained reason, vinyl acquired over 40 years, or inherited from family, is back on occasional rotation. It must be the joy of rediscovering the passion for hi-fi, and ultimately, music.

I’m definitely good.

Thank you.


I am to old to complain at my 88 years and involved in music since my youth. And in HiFi since Peter Walker appeared with his QUAD Electrostatic speakers. Many follow-ups, some better, some worse.
In recent digital times coming from Audirvana, good in the beginning, less good after my digital collection grew and Audirvana had more difficulties with the database, I switched to ROON and all was right again. No regret with version 1.7 or 1.8. When some time problems arrive, it is mostly or my computer things or myself to blame.
“If music be the food of love, go on” you people of ROON and thank you!
Michel G. from the Netherlands


Another happy camper. Went from trial to lifetime with NUC/ROCK and haven’t looked back. The updates have all gone smoothly over the last 18 months, my library has more than doubled in size from recommendation and Radio selections. Any music I want to hear all through the house with Ethernet and Roon Ready endpoints. It just works.


My 1971 21st birthday present gets a monthly outing even now :shushing_face:

Layla and other assorted love songs …


I’ve been enjoying Roon since about this time in 2016. I had a few connection issues in the beginning, but that was pre RAAT. Roon was young. It’s been a good ride over the years. Lots have changed, some good and some bad. Version 1.8 has brought in a bit of a mess but it’ll get worked out…

I don’t even want to think about how I listened to music before I discovered Roon and incorporated it into my setup. Overall, as much as I complain about things, I am very happy with what the Roon Team has created. They brought a quality player and level of interaction with my music library I would not have thought possible from my listening room.

Thank you guys. :notes:

I came from Roon from using Sooloos and was an early beta user who bought lifetime in a heartbeat as all I have seen is progression and a team with a vision. Sure there are bumps on the way, to expect anything else from a company leading the field and breaking new ground would be silly, but I judge a company by the way they approach putting things right and again Roon get 100% in this regard.
The constant moaning and groaning from some people does get tiring, what Roon need is honest feedback and not moaning, but that’s human nature I suppose.
As for the cost, I am mentally writing off my Sooloos hardware depreciation against my Roon gains so in fact it’s almost making me money :joy:
Good things ain’t cheap and Cheap things ain’t good…
Well done the Roon team, keep the faith… :sunglasses:


My old man used to tell me… “It costs money to be cheap.”


I took out a lifetime subscription 3 years ago and have not regretted it one bit. Initially I had my core on a QNAP and last year I built a NUC and moved it without any issue. The update (I really wanted to say upgrade) to 1.8 went really smoothly without any issues at all. Admittedly I don’t have a complicated system and mainly use Roon to play and explore new music, but it does what it says on the tin and it does it brilliantly. Well done team Roon.

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That’s almost classic Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton Quotes
It costs a lot of money to look this cheap


I first used Roon around four years ago, went to a life sub a year ago.

BR (before roon) I liked to think I had a reasonably wide breadth of listening, getting recommends from friends and family, and the web. Roon completely changed how I discovered music - the linkage between albums, artists, etc… all in one place. It is simply a life changing moment.

And in the age of digitial downloads and streaming, Roon has returned some of the excitement and adventure of, as a teenager, going to the record shop each weekend with friends, each of us bringing home a new album… I feel connected to process of finding new (and old and unknown) music again.

It pushed me into buying my first decent sound system back in 2017 (very modest compared to many here), and last year I again upgraded my system. Although sadly it is packed away as I am moving home soon.

Of course, any software can be improved. Roon certainly has issues, for me, how it currently deals with genre management and classical boxsets need improving. The latter partly stems from the poor metadata provided by the record companies, no standard. And I really want a kiosk profile, so I can let my younger (and older less tech savvy) family members loose in Roon.

But Roon obviously have a vision of what they want to achieve; every new build is a step forward. For the most part it is a vision I’m extremely happy with.

It’s a journey I love being part of…


With Free software you tend to get what you pay for :heart_eyes:

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No problems either - I got a lifetime subscription a few months ago, and it’s all working fine for me. The only problems I faced were all fixed, such as the disappearing endpoints reported under 1.8 was launched. The other issue I have concerns the EarMen Sparrow portable DAC, which does not really work with my Mac (but this is not a Roon issue, as it does not work with Audirvana either).

So yes, all OK so far - and I must admit to discovering a LOT more music based on their suggestions.

My ONLY complaint for now? Lack of HRA Streaming support - they should have implemented it ages ago.

I’d been through many music players for Windows (Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, JRiver, Zune, Groove) before I discovered Roon back in January 2016. Roon was so different, and fitted what I was looking for that I went for the Lifetime before the 14 day trial period was up. And this was with release 1.1 of Roon - before Zone Grouping, Roon Bridge, DSP and ROCK were available.

Each point release of Roon has brought increased functionality, most of which I have gladly used. Is it perfect? Of course not, there are still aspects that I personally would want to see addressed (proper profiles, for one). But it still remains head and shoulders above anything else out there for what I’m looking for in a music and audio ecosystem.