A thread to actually celebrate Roon and no doom and gloom please!

Yep, same here. It just works for me. I’m a lifetime account holder with five end points and the core on a sonictransporter i5. I love this software and it gets better every year.


I’m happy. Been using roon for a couple of years (I think). I use it almost every day for hours per day. Once I got everything dialed in it has been very stable with no drama.

Sure there’s some minor complaints and room for improvement, but I don’t miss JRiver even one tiny little bit at all.

RAAT is the bomb, and I actually like (almost all) the 1.8 UI enhancements. Streaming integration is the icing on the cake.


I’m a new Roon user. 4 months ago I took the plunge and invested in a Nucleus + life time subscription. It has greatly enriched my experience of music, discovering new music and revisiting the older stuff. Apart from minor issues with an older android tablet, I have no complaints whatsoever.
Roon rocks!


I recently posted a comment along these same lines. I’ve used Roon for a couple of months (just before 1.8) and it’s completely changed how I listen to music and the enjoyment I get out of my audio gear and the subscription money I send Tidal.

I have a four-room setup with a variety of gear. Using the profile functionality in Roon, I can have my wife listen to “her” music in her home office, I can listen to “my” music early in the morning in the family room, etc. Roon learns our tastes and improves our listening experience. I can start listening in my family room and then transfer into the kitchen. My wife and I can easily listen to different things simultaneously.

I decided that the best way to achieve this was to create a dedicated server using Roon ROCK software. Following Roon’s helpful documentation and getting some tips from this community, I quickly set up my Roon ROCK via a NUC8 with a fanless case. I tucked it away and it has hummed along nicely (so to speak).

The 1,8 upgrade experience kind of sucked. This was in part because I had never gone through an upgrade process and because I think Roon could have created a better upgrade process. But it was “done and dusted” pretty quickly. I like the new interface. I am so new to Roon that I don’t have a good basis of comparison.

I do think Roon is harder to learn than it should be. It is very non-intuitive in places. I wish there was a way to create a “station” in Roon Radio (e.g., instrumental jazz, quiet music for work, Friday night rock, etc.) and then select a “station” with a click when it fits the situation.

I could think of some other things too, but you get the point. It’s not perfect and there are things to improve. But the difference pre-Roon and post-Roon for me is night and day. I really appreciate that it exists.


It’s a little long winded, but you could add specific artists, tracks, albums, and subgenres to a tag, and use the Shuffle or Play now functionality on that tag.

Then after deleting the tracks that aren’t suitable from the Queue, add the remaining tracks in the Queue to a playlist, clear the existing Queue, and then start the playlist… the Queue of which Roon will use to seed Radio.

Alternatively, you could refine a similar TIDAL playlist, repeating the process above.


I am enjoying the dreaded 1.8 but then I have a simple setup with a Macbook, an I Pad Pro and an external DAC when I can be bothered to use it, plus a Sonos and various chromecast connections when required.

I agree most problems seem to occur when people are using complicated setups with a mix of components from different manufacturers.

Or when people try to use advertised features to their full reasonable extent. I’m very happy there is a large base of users thinking Room is near perfect. It means Roon will have the resources to actually fix the things that don’t work well yet.

The more I play with 1.8 the more I see the work and ideas that went into it, and there were definitely some really cool things added. It wasn’t just a reshuffle of the UI.

But I don’t see the point of a thread being one sided. And there were some head scratching choices made in 1.8 as well. I think it is fine for both viewpoints to be presented.


Fully agree ! The only problem: I need more time to listen to all the great music I discover every day thanks to Roon.


Great thread to start Kevin.
Totally agree with everything you wrote


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I actually don’t have any problems or issues with this new revision, but I do understand those that have them, especially some that are being discussed on several threads. Yeah there’re some minor issues related to cosmetic and colors, but there real ones too. I do like to read both side, you learn from both ends, when there’s a problem, I’ve seen how folks try to provide help and suggestions, I use those suggestions too for features that I didn’t know about, same way with the folks that are not having problems and they point out features that are awesome.

I just think that we all have to have some sympathy for the ones that are having these issues, and at the same time for the Roon staff members (somebody mentioned this before) that are trying to fix and accommodate everyone.

So far my experience with Roon is great and I just paid for a life subscription.



This is (IMO) an interesting thread. I am going to take the liberty of interpreting it as “What is your bird’s-eye view of Roon from 1.7 to 1.8?” Apologies to @AceRimmer is that’s too much of a distortion!

My bird’s eye view is:

  • When I started using Roon 2 years ago (with v1.6 or 1.7), it dramatically improved my relationship with music (which had been languishing for a variety of reasons that, for me, were all solved by Roon). Thinking of Roon as a component in the audio chain (I purchased lifetime), it was easily as valuable as any of of the investments I had made in hardware components. It enabled me to play any of the different audio formats in my local library seamlessly, identify the music, get information about it, and integrate all of that with streaming services. A huge value, to me.

  • To me, the foregoing is the core value proposition of Roon. It makes up maybe 80% of the value of Roon (to me). The remaining 20% of the value of Roon for me is in some of the details of the UI and UX.

  • The core value of Roon, for me, has not changed with 1.8. I have been fortunate enough not to have any difficulty with transitioning to 1.8, and no problems with having it be stable. The pleasure I get from just being able to play and listen to music (and manage my music) seamlessly is still there.

  • However: The changes introduced by 1.8 do for me degrade the quality of the experience at the margins as compared with 1.7 – the quality of that remaining 20%. As there is to be no doom and gloom here :slight_smile: I will avoid recounting what the issues are that for me degrade the experience. But the degradation, in conjunction with the preceding five days of very positive marketing, has to me felt unpleasant.

  • BUT: Roon remains a huge value to me. There is nothing that (I’m aware of) I would rather use.

  • Finally: Users for whom the core value to UI/UX ratio is more like 60-40 are going to be aggrieved if their UI/UX has been negatively impacted in going from 1.7 to 1.8. I respectfully suggest that their complaints are valid, too, especially when constructively framed.


I’ll have to study this… I have created three themed playlists that do lead into Roon Radio and mostly result in similar music that fits the mood. But as far I know (to this point), you have to play the playlist first. After a while I get tired of the playlist. I have tried shuffle play. That has reduced the “boredom” of hearing the same 20 songs over and over.

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Just a reminder of the OP’s intent with this thread. There are plenty of other threads to post your problems with Roon. For once, it would be great not to have to read about problems with Roon 1.8 and/or MQA.


Roon is a good way to play music to distract us from the fact that WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! :slight_smile:


Well it’s a fact that everyone is going to die … eventually…
That and taxes are the only two things for certain in this life.

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Birth is usually acknowledged as the other universal experience?

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To somebody who started with records 60 years ago, found CD’s fantastic years later as there was no longer spurious noises, my current ROON associated with QOBUS is beyond my dreams. Apart from a problem with end points for a few days until corrected, my system is totally trouble free and great to use.
Good on you ROON.

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Sorry I really didn’t word my post clearly:

…add the remaining tracks in the Queue to a playlist

…the Queue of which Roon will use to seed Radio.

*…add the remaining tracks in the Queue to a playlist if you are happy with the results, otherwise keep using ‘Shuffle on the tag’ for Roon to provide a random final track to the Queue which Roon will use to seed Radio.

Depending on your library the Queue from a ‘Shuffle on tag’ could be up to 5000 tracks, so plenty of final tracks for Roon to seed, if you want a bit of variation.

Of course it isn’t quite the automatic station that you want, but you can just jump to the end of the final track of the ‘Shuffle on tag’ Queue and let Roon Radio do its thing.

And of course, you can further refine the elements you add to the tag.

Thanks for clarifying my post. :smiley:

Pretty sure I came free in a packet of cornflakes…


It just works - installed it in my home made silent server running Ubuntu 20.04 i99000 intel chip fan less db4 chassis built with zero issues

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