A Use Case for Roon's WorkID Tag

I read about the WorkID tag in Roon’s KB and had programmed it into my tagger, but I didn’t really understand its need until now.

I imported a boxset which had two back-to-back performances of the same three-part composition found on the same disc. Because I had entered the same canonical WORK title into all six tracks (2 performances X 3 Parts), Roon (not surprisingly) put all six tracks under one WORK. Not good.

Enter the seldom-used WorkID tag. I entered a value of “1” for the first performance’s tracks and “2” for the second, and voila! Now the two performances are separately and properly displayed. [FYI, the two performances were by two artists and two symphonies, with twenty years of separation between them; interesting to compare.]

So, tip of the hat to you, Roon. Nicely anticipated feature!

Now I’m curious…what cd is that?

Simon Rattle Conducts Debussy and Ravel, a 5CD set, EMI Classics.

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I assume that you are referring to the Piano Concerto in D Major on disc 5?

unfortunately it doesn‘t work the other way round: grouping together a work that is interrupted by other works…

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