AAC from Tidal on Auralic Vega G1

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Auralic Vega G1

Description Of Issue

Whenever I pick an AAC file of whatever Bitrate the Vega will stop working in streaming mode completely, meaning that I will have to go to an alternative input like USB or LINE and then switch back to streaming. As this does NOT happen with the same files under Lightning it seems obvious that it is somehow related to ROON. I also noticed that, although all DSP functions are switched off, the stream-information still says that it did something according to my DSP-function choices… Not sure if that is relevant :frowning:

I also noticed that his error did not happen before the last big upgrade…

Hey @wklie thanks for replying on the same day with a solution :pray:

I am so sorry, @Torsten_Schiemenz, that we took this long to get back to you. It’s taking us more time that we had expected to reply to every thread opened on community in the last few weeks :pleading_face:

Did the solution brought up by @wklie work in your case?

Hi there :slight_smile:
to be very honest, I have not fully understood what Peter wants me to do. If I click on the link provided I find many versions of ffmpeg. Not sure which one to pick and where exactly to copy. Is it really just a copy of the same or would I have to unpack/install… anything??
Guess a simpler and more precise description would help me :wink:
Thx, Torsten

The simplest solution actually is to install and run Roon Core on another computer (Windows or Mac) instead of a NAS. Then disable the computer firewall.

Hey @Torsten_Schiemenz,

I’m so glad you followed up and asked clarifying questions. I believe the clear steps in our article should guide you through this process:


We’ll stay in touch :pray:

Hi, thx for providing the link - worked perfectly after some fiddeling :slight_smile: and it was much easier than expected. I downloaded and unpacked the FFMPEG-version suggested. On my QNAP I went to the ROON app and opened it. There is a simple button to have the folder for the FFMPEG created - even opens the folder after a click. Just moving the FFMPEG file and clicking on the button provided in the app dialog restarted and enabled the new FFMPEG version :slight_smile: Thx again…

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