Abandoned Olive User

I have a Olive O4HD that has died. I have a backup on a USB drive HP SimpleSave model md2000h with about 1/2 a TB of lossless music - mostly raw. I’m in touch with @agillis Andrew Gillis at Small Green. He pointing me at your direction in terms of retrieving the music on the HP. I don’t have the CD’s. The HP is a backup as written by the Olive using Olive’s O.4.3.2 S/W level. Andrew is suggesting a sonicTransporter as a server. Can you help me?

[please use PM to contact Ted]

Thanks for your attention.

Hey @Ted_Bayne,

Sorry to hear that your Olive has stopped working. I’m not sure exactly how the Olive O4HD process backups, are you able to see the music files themselves on your USB drive? You can connect the drive to a computer to verify this. The media files that can be imported into Roon are listed here.

If the music files show up then it’s a simple matter of setting the location as a Watched Directory in Roon using these instructions. If the backup format is proprietary to Olive, then you would need to contact them and see if it is possible to extract the audio files themselves from the backup made. Hope this helps but do let me know if you have any other questions.