Abba, new songs, number one everywhere in a day - can't play on Roon yet

It’s in Qobuz so why can it not be played in Roon?

It was only released yesterday and Roon needs a bit to sync up. Sometimes 2-3 days.

Have you tried adding it to your Qobuz faves and then syncing Roon/Qobuz?

Yes. I suppose this really boils down to that 2-3 days is too slow. What’s taking so long? Couldn’t Roon just pass the sound through while chewing on metadata or what it is that takes three days. I can play it in everything else, but the sound… sigh.

I’m not justifying or defending Roon … but if you wish to know why try a forum search, as it’s been discussed and explained in several topics.

Here’s one post I just found …


Hey, thanks! Good read. I get that roon wants to have everything properly in place before making things available but for hot releases that “Audirvana” alternative sounds like a solution over the first few days. But the posts are old so I guess it’s not happening, maybe it’s too hard, out of their hands maybe. Too bad. That ABBA release is just an example, the last Dylan album took some time too, I think Kanye West earlier in the week was the same. It’s a bit of shame, my gear, sound, depends on the processing in roon, things sound dull without it!

Do not wish to sound pedantic but if you are so keen to listen to an album within minutes of a release, stream it on the native app then add to your favourites or is this to simple a solution. After all you cannot stream a movie release straight away, you either go to the cinema or wait for Apple, Netflix etc to give you the streaming option.


We did an extra metadata build last night, because the metadata for this and two other late dropping albums weren’t delivered to us by either of our partners in time for our scheduled build.

The Abba single is now available in Roon for both TIDAL and Qobuz (though it’s probably not been indexed in search yet, so your best bet is to favourite it in your streaming service app and force a sync in Roon).

The new Lady Gaga album is also there now, but Drake’s new album is not and is unlikely to be available until tomorrow afternoon (UTC).


What? No Drake? :wink:
I know it’ll be popular but I grabbed a listen on Tidal on my drive home yesterday and managed three tracks! I don’t get him but I guess that at 58, I’m not supposed to! I’ve enjoyed the two ABBA tracks though, Don’t Shut Me Down in particular. Classic dance groove sitting behind an engaging lyric.

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You are about 40 years to old for Drake (me too). I hear he has ‘borrowed’ a bit of a Beatles tune to make up for his lack of something or other…

Thanks everyone, I have a better picture of that metadata issue now and I can now see why new releases don’t show up right away. Fine. Now, about Drake… no, better not…

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