Ability to organise ALL music by 'Label' (publisher)

I love being able to see the ‘Label’ (publisher) of an album/single under credits, and by clicking it scan through my entire library for other releases under this label.

Why can’t we have this feature for music not in my collection? With my Qobuz subscription it should be easy/possible to see all releases of a particular music label and organise them as I wish. At the moment the restriction means that the ‘Label’ category cannot be used to discover similar music. Having a focus on things like Labels, Producers etc. is a fantastic way to browse and uncover new music ideas. When small labels re-issue albums this also becomes a great way to learn about new (old) music.

Please add this much needed feature.

Bumping, because I am surprised nobody answered

Is this not the same feature request as this?

Sure… 2 years later and no changes :slight_smile:

Yes, but creating new threads won’t help and will just dilute the requests. Note that the older thread has a lot of votes. Adding your vote there is better than creating a new thread with 2 posts by one person in it

Well, it’s good to have a reminder…

Anyone seeing this who agrees, please vote on the older post :slight_smile: