Search by record label outside library

I just discovered that Roon will only search what’s in my library if I search by record label or click on the record label link under Credits.

It seems odd given that just about any other link under Credits will give results outside my library (on Qobuz).

Any chance of getting this changed?


+1 me too!

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I don’t think you can search by label natively in the Qobuz app. So I presume qobuz and tidal would have to add this to their metadata especially for roon.

I tried it in the Qobuz app and it seems to work.

Not for Harvest for example.
Some releases may work but it isn’t universal.

Search by label does not work properly, something @mike confirmed when I bitched about it a while back.

I see what you mean.

Still, it would be nice if Roon at least returned the results that Qobuz returns.

This seems like the antithesis of the whole Roon premise of being “drill down” and research something you love. I love ECM records but I can’t search that metadata? That seems like a huge oversight.


Focus by label is in 1.8.

Search by label on streaming services SHOULD BE a must!! In every streming service one have connected in Roon.
If one search for a particular label, Proprius, Fonè, Dreyfus, ECM, Velut Luna and other audiophile labels for example, it’s useful to know how much and what albums of that label i have in my library…but the real deal is to discover the ones present in Tidal that i don’t know!! Only in this way one can really explore things. I want to know the exaustive list of the jazz Columbia albums of the ‘50 and ‘60 present on Tidal! And create a tag with that name that automatically contains all that albums, so that little by little i hear all of that.
I want to know all the Philips piano records of ‘60 and ‘70…NOT on my library! On Tidal!
And finally, it’s so difficult to dinstinguish on every album between the DATE OF RECORDING (i want THAT!) and the release date (i want two: the original release, and the actual mastering release)?
Because if a ‘67 Deutsche Grammophon is remastered 2010, often it happens only with that date, and NOT with the date pf recording or original release (way to useful for classification, search and studying and exploring music!)


Isn’t the search function (in Roon) limited to return only the 200(?) most popular/relevant results?
So a search for bigger labels would never return all albums anyway?

As far as I can tell, Label search still only gives results within your library, not what’s available from your streaming service (Qobuz in my case) that isn’t already added to your library.

If this is incorrect, would you show us how? Everything I tried only gives results within my library.

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I understand it must be tricky, given the fact you have labels, sub labels and potentially sub-sub…

But it would be huge, given many of us are fans also of a particular label.


seconded this feature request

Thats’s the same behaviour I am seeing,

I’d love to type in “Alligator Records” or whatever, and see everything that Qobuz has available on that label. Great suggestion.


This feature would be a great addition and in my opinion crucial .


This is a huge one for me!

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I support this, too.
I also want to see the record label right on top of the album view, customizable like the info of the file’s audio quality.
Then I want to be able to click on that label and Roon shows me all the albums from my library and from any subscribed streaming service like Tidal and Qobuz.

Today, if you want to know which record label an album is from; In album view click on Credits (instead of Tracks) and scroll all the looong way down and there it is.
This information is far to much hidden and deserves a better placing.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find certain classical works. You don’t remember if the data was in English f.i. „symphony“ or if it was in German f.i. „Sinfonie“. You can imagine that this would generate different outcomes in search.
But I can more easily remember on which label the album was that I am looking for.
Or I simply enjoy music from a certain label and want to discover new artists/music from them, and find it more easily.

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Currently a label search only brings up those albums from a particular label one already has in one’s collection. A genuinely full label search would be an enormous improvement. One could then – for example – see every Blue Note album available through Tidal and Roon.

Several years ago the streaming service Rdio offered this feature. As you probably know Apple bought Rdio and killed it. But the results of a label search on Rdio absolutely brought up all albums associated with the label that Rdio offered. It was a very valuable feature.

@Phil_Wright you asked me to let you know…