Ability to 'select all' and export a playlist as Excel is missing in 1.8 [Ticket In]

Since 1.8 I there seem to be no ability to select all the tracks in a playlist (when in the Playlist view) and export them as an Excel export. The functionality does still seem to be there in the Album, Queue and Tracks view.

Apologies if this functionality has moved elsewhere in the Roon interface (obviously be useful to know if it has) or if this change in behaviour been posted elsewhere, I could not find any previous mentions of it.

Core: Roon Rock / NUC / 1.8 (build 753)
OS: Mac OS 11.1 / Roon 1.8 (build 753)

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Hi, @j_a_m_i_e , thank you for the report. I put a ticket in about this behavior.



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I have the same issue. It’s an essential feature please fix it!
Os: MacOS 11.2.1
Roon 1.8 (753)

PC: 16" 2019 macbook pro - Os: 11.2.1

I can’t find the playlists export function. if i select all the tracks and click on the tree dots in the upper part or on the right side of the screen, i don’t get the option to export.
Please fix this ASAP as it’s an essential feature.

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