Ability to zoom in to album art

When viewing the associated images to an album it would be great to be able to zoom in to the album art with a custom magnification.

This would allow those old covers using those smaller font sizes to be read.

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In the album detail screen , if you click the small artwork it expands , click again it expands to full screen

Is that what you want ?

Nope, but the same kind of thing where further magnification is possible.


This would also be helpful for those of us who store JPEGs of liner notes and album art in the same folder as the audio files. A “pinch-to-zoom” feature would make reading liner notes much easier.


Yes, indeed!

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Hi, I agree that this album art zoom option would be an extremely valuable option, especially on smaller mobile devices. I can hardly see my album art as this cannot be zoomed, whereas the original pictures have sufficient resolution in my case (I prioritise own album art above fetched art (sometimes also includes artist signatures etc …). So it would be good if Roon developers develop this (just copy the way from BubbleUPNP)…

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Yeah good idea. I requested this about 4 years ago.



should be extremely easy to implement, just want to use the scroll wheel of my mouse to zoom in like any other photo program

some hi-res album art has small writing that cant be read without zoom in

I’ve been asking for this for years…

PLEASE implement pinch and zoom! Album covers can be had at much higher res that the usual phone can display so there is plenty of potential for zooming in to quality covers (and other images for those that collect them) for those of us that like to remember how vinyl covers looked!

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