About favorite or hate songs

“Favorits or Ban” Marking a song that you do not like is useful because it skips songs that you do not like when you play that album. (Example image 2 & 3 tracks.)

However, clicking the play icon to the left of the song will not play it song.
I don’t like it song, so I usually don’t want to listen, but I want to listen occasionally.

Do I have to unmark one by one to listen?

The image is an example, so I do not dislike this song. I like it.

I don’t think that’s right. If a song is banned, then it won’t get added by default - that is, if it would have been picked up implicitly as part of a wider play action - but it is played if chosen explicitly, e.g. play, or add next

What is your default action when clicking the play icon? Those ending in …from here will skip it.

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Hi @currycooqoo,

Are you clicking play directly next to the banned track or are you starting playback of the entire grouped composition?

If you select play on the specific track / part, that should work, but it will be skipped if you’re starting playback of any track / part prior to the banned track.



The default action was “Play From Here”.
When I changed to “Play Now”, I was able to play by clicking on the play icon.

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