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The regular 9.7” iPad now starts at $329.

What are the advantages of an iPad, in your opinion?

I like the iPad, have several in the family, different sizes. Nearly perfect.
Have not used an Android tablet so I can’t compare.
I do have Surface tablets, they are good at what they do, but they have slower startup time and worse battery life than the iPad, consequence of being general purpose computers compatible with all Windows apps. For example, they can be a Roon core. But they are inferior to the iPad as a remote.

Check out the used iPad market. I got a Mini 3 which is my main Roon Control. It’s good for everything except editing Album genres, where the menu doesn’t play nicely with the keyboard in landscape orientation.

iPad (Apple) have more devices on the market, and there is more compatible iOS apps than are available for other operating systems. The iPad is tried and true. I have four of them, and one Android tablet. I also use an iphone, so most apps can be used on both devices.

Thanks for the replies. It looks like a good used iPad (2017) can be had for $225-250 compared to a new Lenovo Tab 4 for $170 or Samsung Tab A for $230, so just wondering the advantages. Reading some of the posts here it sounds like one big advantage is that there is no question that a recent iPad works well whereas some Androids may not work well (if at all).

My wife has a newer iPad and I’ve tried it. I quite like it other than it doesn’t show my own rips, only TIDAL albums. One of my storage devices is an Oyen enclosure with a 1.5 TB HDD. I usually connect it to my older audio server (PC-based) via eSATA but it also has USB connectivity. For some reason it doesn’t show up when I connect to the NUC.

I’ve been using that older PC server for the Roon library and my own rips are also on an internal SSD. I was able to add the music folders to Roon but these don’t show up when I use the iPad despite everything being linked over my home network . . . a mystery that I need to resolve. The info on this page: https://kb.roonlabs.com/ROCK:_Importing_Music

seems to apply for using a Mac but not an iPad.

Warning: If you buy a used one, make sure it has ample storage. Do not buy a used ipad with only 16gb; you’ll constantly be running out of space. 64gb or higher is what I would recommend.

I think the 2017s have 32 GB as the standard. I will only use this for Roon control, and associated Internet.

Strange. Can you explain?

32gb is better than 16gb for sure. (Mine are 128gb)

I tried the Oyen again via USB. This time it showed up on my wife’s iPad, so I’m adding my files now. I have no idea what I did differently.

I did read elsewhere on Roonlabs.com that the Lenovo Tab 3 does not display correctly because of resolution incompatibility. The Tab 4 specs indicate identical resolution, so I’ll scratch that off my short list which is now iPad 2017 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10").

I have the Tab A and it works absolutely fine!

Thanks for the feedback!

Our household iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, Surface tablet, Android device like Samsung and Lenovo - In my experience iPad/ Iphone is better than the others in the sense it is much more stable. Android systems rely on different hardware platforms so for example the Galaxy 9 is much better than say the Lenovo tablet. All in all I would go with Apple OS.

Just to confuse you :wink: I never had any problem with the Tab A and it is much cheaper than an Ipad.

I’m getting a good feel for the iPad now. I like it other than I find myself reading the credits and searching for similar artists rather than bliss out to the music :smile:. I think I’ll go down to Best Buy and get a physical feel for the Samsung. Maybe try to load Roon remote if the demo model will allow that.

I ended up with an iPad 5th generation. My daughter lobbied hard and I was able to get one new from Best Buy for $250, only $50 more than a Galaxy Tab A. Everything good so far except I need to figure out how to regroup multiple artists on compilation albums. Otherwise, Roon is freaking awesome! And I’m getting great SQ via my ROCK.

There are many posts about this but see this one, 2nd post by mike is a good starter:

Don’t forget to rescan folders after making changes to metadata.

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Don’t forget that with a camera usb kit and the Audioquest Dragonfly you can get pretty good SQ as a portable too.

I have a 128 which I fill with flac albums for holidays in the caravan


Thanks, I think I saw that one. I had the same issue in Jriver and am looking for a single button that will automatically fix everything. Lol. Guess I might need to re-tag :sob: