How does Roon determine when an album is a compilation/ various artists album

I have a few homebrew compilation/ VA albums which Roon clearly would not find in any online database and consequently Roon is creating an album for each artist in the compilation despite the files comprising each compilation being stored in discrete folders, one per ‘album’. Some of these folders can contain as many as 1000 FLAC files, so I’m hoping there’s an efficient way to have Roon regroup the albums based on folder contents (and indeed the underlying tags)?

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A few things will cause Roon to treat a folder full of files as an album.

  • Sequentially numbered files or track number tags
  • Common album tag
  • Common album artist tag (“Various Artists” I would guess for this case)

Thanks @mike, here’s a screenshot of my tagging for a compilation album that Roon shows as 500 individual albums. All files reside in the same folder “VA - Rolling Stone Magazine 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”

How do I get Roon to see this as a single album?

I had this album originally saved into 10 albums of 50. No way did I want to scroll 500 lines deep with everything all as one album.
Once in Roon as 10 albums, I simply merged them so they show as Disc 1,2,3 etc.
I find it makes the set quite manageable.

Thanks Nick, I’m happy top leave it as one loooong album as I’d press play and let it be. What I’m not sure of is why Roon is seeing an album per artist?

You don’t appear to have an album artist tag. Try adding one to all files as Various artists or Rolling stone Mag.

Also, I can just hit play and it crunch through all 500; the split to 10 ‘discs’ was more for screen management.

I was hoping this wasn’t going to be the remedy, LMS doesn’t like an albumartist tag for compilation albums… files are all in same folder, sequentially numbered, same album name.

LMS - LAN Management System?


I use LMS and have often tagged albums such as this with ‘Various Artists’ in the Album Artist tag without any problems. I think LMS automatically categorizes any album marked with the compilation tag as ‘Various Artists’, but there’s nothing wrong with explicitly setting Various Artists in the Album Artist tag. I’ll bet Roon will behave as expected if you do.


The curious thing is there are many compilations in my collection that Rooney doesn’t recognise, yet it treats them as compilations rather than discrete albums. I’ll have to look at taking of those is handling correctly, one thing I know is none have an albumartist tag.

Lots of mine don’t ID either as they were tagged with musicbrainz data in mp3tag. That spreads track numbers contiguously across multi disc albums.
E.g. 40 track 2 CD set with tracks 1 to 40. Even if disc 1 and 2 are tagged the album will miss.
Roon ID is looking for each disc to start with track 1.
E.g. 1-01 to 1-20 and 2-01 to 2-20

It’s a quick job to fix in a tag editor. Roon then gets a match. This is quicker than trying to fix track numbers in Roon editor.

I’ve made these changes in most albums already. The albums that aren’t recognised are either homebrew compilations or obscure/non-US compilations.

I’d still like to have Roon recognise all files in a single folder tagged with the same album name, varying artist entries and and no albumartist as a compilation. Adding a VA or Various Artists albumartist shouldn’t be necessary.

I don’t think I have any albums that split like this, but, I must have some that don’t have album artist. I’ll check.

Why don’t you send me one that splits on your install. I’ll see what happens he and how it compares to my tags etc.

[quote=“ncpl, post:14, topic:6315”]
Why don’t you send me one that splits on your install. I’ll see what happens he and how it compares to my tags etc.
[/quote]dropbox? I wonder whether simply setting discnumber to 1 will resolve the splitting…but again that’s not done for regular albums so shouldn’t be necessary for compilation albums.

Dropbox is fine. PM me a link.
I’ll compare to what I have here.

See anything on your side? I trashed the Roon database through a dirty shutdown of Windows and had to rebuild the database from scratch. I’ve not confirmed yet, but given I’ve not seen that album appear in discographies I think it sorted itself … likely there have been scanning logic changes since my library was first built.

@audiomuze, I emailed you back on Saturday. Did you get ?

Just saw it now, thanks @ncpl. I’ll experiment wiht your suggestions on a small temporary library to see if I can identify a trend in behaviour. As I mentioned above, since creating a new library Roon seems to have treated it as one album.

New to Roon. I’m noticing some odd treatment of albums as Compilations under Roon (i.e., compilation icon in album cover) when there is nothing about the tagging that would indicate a compilation. (no Compilation tag, every track has same artist, Album Artist is blank). The various tracks may have different COMPOSERS.

The only commonality I can see is that all these mislabeled “compilation” CDs are multidisk CDs (but album name itself is identical in tag and in file structure). File organization is

x:\flac\album name\disk 1\01 - track name
…\disk 2\01 - track name