Access outside of network (from a NAS)?

Very new to Roon, but I’m hooked!

One thing though, does anyone have instructions for connecting outside of my home network?

Core is instslled on windows 10 and music is on a synology 415 play

I read on some other posts that it is possible with 1.6 and VPN, but I haven’t found instructions.

This would be the last piece to Roon making all my music player dreams come true


As far as I know, at this time you cannot have your Roon Core on the home network and use Roon remotely. You can move your core to another computer, but can only have one core up and running at a time. As to using Roon mobile, Roon to Go is in the plans, but is not yet implemented. When exactly that will happen is unknown.

You might want to PM anyone who claims to have had success doing this and request guidance. It must involve tricking Roon into believing your remote location is connected to the home network.

The only times I’ve seen this work if your remote client has a VPN connection to the home network AND is issued an IP address in the same subnet.

The first part is usually not an issue. It’s the second part. Most solutions will issue an address within a different subnet to avoid ip clashes.

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In fact using Roon remotely works quite well. I have succeeded to use it using the following configuration.
Roon server 1.6 on a Synology DS918 with 16TB HD + 1 TB SSD USB for the Roon database. I run a the Synology VPN server with L2TP/IPSec configuration with the standard configuration. It works also with OpenVPN (but you need additional software for connexion with the Mac or the iPhone).

My home is connected to internet with optical fibre 1GB(800MB/200MB). The synology is wired by Ethernet connexion directly to the Router (Icotera) provided by the FAI. My main system is a BlueSound Node 2i streamer connected by wire (RJ45 cat 5) to the home network. Node is also connected to a Heed Abacus DAC. From work I listen to roon from a Mac 10.14.5 using the standard Apple VPN connexion to my VPN. Roon has no difficulty recognising the home network and connecting to Roon server. I can listen to all my music and Qobuz without a glitch at any resolution.
With my iPhone 5S no problem either on a 4G network even travelling from home to work by car. But you need good network for that. I leave in a quite hilly area and sometimes it stops as there no or very small buffering in the Roon App. I must say the quality of the music is far ahead using Roon in my car. The phone connected to the car DAC with an Apple lightning cable.

At the beginning the phone had difficulties (Roon app) to recognise the Roon server. But since I specified the synology IP nb to the app (in the help section when not working), it is always recognised.

I can give more details if needed.



Thanks for posting this Jean-Christophe. I think users will find your instructions and any further guidance you can provide very helpful.

Can you confirm that the remote vpn device gets an IP address within the same subnet as the Roon Server?

Easiest way to do this is use ZeroTier. Install it directly on the Roon Core system and on the Roon Remote systems. It creates a virtual layer 2 LAN between them, and Roon happily uses all network interfaces on the system.


Apparently, the subnet mask is different (ie Roon is on and the VPN connexion on, but it works !!! I guess some how a translation is made somewhere. That allows for the remote device to access the resources within your VPN network. I am a biologist not to good with computer network.

Thanks for the tip, this is very interesting, but how do you bypass the “no wi-fi connection” message, when you use only the cellular data connection?

I never got this message ! It’s just a bit slower to get connected to the Roon server (1 or 2 sec more) on cellular data connection.

Strange, I always get this message as soon as I’m on cellular data. Do you use Android app or iOs?

@support Is this a normal message? and why do some people get this message and some people don’t?

I am on iOS, last update 12.2 on iPhone 5S.

Thanks a lot @Jean-Christophe_Ame I think that is the big difference, I am on Android Pie (9.0)!

I don’t personally use the mobile ZeroTier client (I’m using Roon Remote on a laptop with ZeroTier), but as I recall, the mobile client has a setting to allow use over cellular networks, but defaults to Wi-Fi only. (At least for the Android client, anyway.)

As far as I know the android client has no such option, at least I cannot find it anywhere. But it is good to know it works with ZeroTier in combination with a laptop (for at work e.g.)!

These are screen shots of a real example, with the bandwidth that it uses.

Just saw a Roon post for new developers and programers. One of the things mentioned was development of remote access. That does not necessarily mean playing remotely but the good news is Roon is actively seeking programming talent to further their capabilities.

That’s been in the pipe for two plus years. I think that would be a big jump in service, and would attract a whole new flock of users…that said, get it right and fully bug free before the release…

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Shouldn’t matter as you would allow the VPN subnet to talk to your home network, it’s not a good idea to have VPN clients with the same IP addresses as your LAN as any compromise and all your IP addresses are given away.

I assume the Synology is similar to QNAP so you could setup a VPN server on that and forward the VPN tunnel ports through your internet modem/router.