Access to ssh server on ROCK?

I noticed there is a ssh server running on Rock. Is there a way to get inside?

Why should you? Rock is built like an appliance and won’t support any fiddling.

If you need to do other stuff Rock is the wrong way to go.

Because i’m in IT, using unix for 20+ years and curious as hell ofc.


Its locked os ssh will be for support only.

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I guess ROCK is proprietary Roon software they don’t want to let anyone inside. That’s understandable.

There is no way to login to ROCK.

You can get to the logs via SMB; that’s the best you’ll get when running ROCK. Kind of frustrating, I get it, but the alternative is to run Server. Roon, from watching this forum for a while, has no intention of giving us login to ROCK.

I’ve been in IT for 35 years, that’s why I’m using rock, so I can’t get inside etc :slight_smile:


There is not. Even if you could, any changes you make would be clobbered on reboot. The root filesystem is SQUASHFS w/ RAM based overlay.

If you need to change something, running a different Linux distribution is your best bet. If it’s just curiosity, we have a job opening coming very soon to help us on RoonOS and other similar projects. PM me if interested, since the job isn’t up yet.


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