Accessing Mac mini

I have my core, and external SSD on my headless Mac mini. All connected to my router, is there a way to access the mini Via the network? Like the nucleus ?


I turned on screen sharing on my mac mini - and adjusted the permissions so I can connect via VNC from my iPad/iPhone/laptop.

I now run a ROCK - but the mac mini still holds the master copy of my media.

I can’t remember when I last had to plug a screen in - certainly a couple of years!

Thank you. I currently have the mini set up for “always on”. just looking to be able to access the mini, SSD. without connecting a monitor and keyboard to it.

Thank. I’m not using a VNC. is there another option?

Yes, my M1 Mac mini is on all the time too. It has an external 2TB Thunderbolt SSD for my music files. Quiet and relatively low power consumption.

If you don’t have another Mac to screen share with, install Chrome browser and then activate the Chrome Remote desktop extension. Same on either a Windows PC, iPad, Android Tablet, phone etc and screen share that way.

VNC is generally free if you don’t mind downloading it.

Yes, My main PC is a 27" iMac Mac retina. I have Roon desktop remote installed.

Just setup Screen sharing in Preferences/ Sharing on both machines…simples.

System Preferences > Sharing > Enable File Sharing. Add the ssd. Set the permissions. Also under options check off share files and folder over smb to allow access via windows or Ubuntu.

Then you can access, organize, add, detete and backup the ssd from a remote computer.

@ffk Thanks. I dont see this option. I did check file sharing and added the SSD

It’s on the right side. Easy to miss.