Accessing ROCK across LAN on Linux Mint

I run ROCK on a headless intel Nuc. It works great, but recently I have not been able to access the device directly (although I have in the past), as I occasionally add new music. I can access via a web browser with its IP address but I cannot navigate the device over the network. I am pretty new to Linux so this is probably my lack of knowledge but is there a simple way to do this @support or others? Thanks.

You would use Mint’s file Manager and put in either rock or the rock nuc’s IP.

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Thanks - I am not sure what I did correctly this time, that I was not doing before, but its working now. Thanks for your help!

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No problem. Glad you got it working. How do you like Mint?

Hi @Rugby. I have a dual boot now with win10. I have been looking to try linux for a while, and I am enjoying it generally, although I think its a learning curve for me. I am not sure where to aim at the moment, but I would like to stay with Linux going forwards.

Well there are a lot of different distros out there. I generally use ubuntu. But, my main system is Windows; I need it for gaming.

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