AccurateRip result tags - are these needed?

I’ve decided to convert all my ripped CDs to FLAC and to tidy up the tags at the same time. I’ve discovered though that the option in dBpoweramp to write AccurateRip results to tags was set. This has resulted in a lot of AccurateRip tags appearing in the files. Does anybody know if these are actually needed and if it’s OK to just delete them?

Similarly, a lot of files have various iTunes tags, Musicbrainz tags, or tags with audio information, e.g dynamic range, peak level, volume level. I guess these are from early rips when I was trying various ripping programs before settling on dBpoweramp and XLD. Again, do these actually do anything and is it OK to delete them?

Or do they do no harm (apart from cluttering the files), so I should just leave them?

Thanks in advance

They use so little space you want to keep them. They are the indicator if the track was ripped properly and how it matches rips made by others.

That’s very important data to me.

Thanks Jeff, that’s useful to know - I’ll keep these.

I’ve discovered as well that XLD has been writing ReplayGain tags to the files. As I listen mostly to classical music without any sort of volume normalisation, I guess I don’t need this information?

You wouldn’t really need them, except for when you listen to several classical pieces in a row (let’s say a couple of minuets from different recordings). If your player of choice supports repay gain you would have the same average volume across the pieces.

To sum it up let’s quote @DrTone: “They use so little space you want to keep them.” :wink:

Thanks, I’d been under the impression that volume levelling affected tracks within an album. But this doesn’t seem to be the case so I might as well leave these as well.