Acoustic guitar music recommendation

Please recommend some artists or albums you think of for acoustic guitar. Try to limit to 2-3 as to not overwhelm. Try to put a few words as to why you appreciate or what a listener might expect. Thanks!!!

John Williams , Julian Bream

Nothing more needs to be said they are the Classical Exponents. Bream on lute as well


Friedemann Witecka
start with these two albums: Aquamarin (1990) and Indian Summer (1987)

More info:

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Not sure what genre or genres you’re thinking of. But, in any case, there’s Leo Kottke, master of the 12-string acoustic in “folk” (though he’s hard to classify) and the incomparable Tony Rice in the bluegrass field:




Isaac Guillory. Singer, songwriter, in-demand guest artist, and teacher.

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If you like flatpicking, I’d look up David Grier and Bryan Sutton. (And Tony Rice, too, who just passed away.)

Grier: I’ve got the house to myself (Ookpic Waltz is one of my favorite system-demo tracks.)
Sutton: Not Too far from the Tree

For some jazzy stuff, look up Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, Nathan Salsburg.

Lage & Eldridge: Avalon
Salsburg: Third

Tons out there, but that’s a start. Nice recordings, too.

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In Order of Suggestion:

For pure Acoustic Guitar Genius on stage at once, it is kind of hard to beat

Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía Friday Night in San Francisco

Then for a more chill relaxation there is:

Michael Hedges Aerial Boundaries

And, finally with guitar pounding rhythm acoustic guitars influenced by a fusion of flamenco and heavy metal

Rodrigo y Gabriele Rodrigo y Gabriele


My goto artist for acoustic guitar -

Of course there’s always -


He plays custom guitars that are a hybrid of electric and acoustic, and his picking technique has been acknowledged by the readers of Guitar Player who voted Legg the “best acoustic fingerstyle” player four years in a row (1993–1996).


I’ve been listening to this guy play guitar, lute and a few other old Spanish stringed instruments quite a bit recently. Very much a classical guitarist and technically proficient:

He and his brother have a record label as well, with a bit more information

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I came across Toby Hay and Jim Ghedi recently - both solo and together. Excellent stuff.

Also, Tommy Emmanuel is always great.

Lots of good recommendation shared already

Might wanna check this one out for Good Recording to hear Guitar tone

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A couple ethnic choices -


One from the Bay Area:

No one has posted Martin Simpson yet?


Well, it is a small 4-string guitar:

Check out anything with a “harp” guitar for a very special sound:


Ralph Towner. Earlier fame in the band “Oregon”. Stellar solo works and notable duo with Jan Garbarek (ECM).

Thanks to all the great suggestions in this thread!! Lots to explore already!

Great suggestions, this is one of my favs

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If that is one of your favs, then please listen to Friday Night in San Francisco. :D. the interplay of 3 fantastic acoustic guitar players is stunning.


I’d definitely try this excellent one too:



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