Activate full membership before end of trial period

I would like to activate full membership before the end of the trial period. How do I do this without deleting the input i have made.

Hi Larie and welcome :grinning:,

I’ll drop a flag here for @danny to help you through any account issues. You will be able to continue using your library and database (where edits are stored) without difficulty.

Thank you for the quick response

Hi @Larie_Holmes, I took care of this and started your full membership, you should have gotten a receipt confirming this. Thanks!

I cancelled my trial and will resume in a month or two. Surely the app and server will just pick up where they left off?

Hi @David_Crosbie, that’s correct – as long as you haven’t deleted your Roon database you’ll pick up right where you left off.

edit: If you meant “will my trial pick up where it left off”, then no, trials are not resumed automatically from where they were left off.

Hi Kevin

Thanks for the response. Yes I really meant when I finally get a chance to use it properly, my tagging and playlists etc will just start where I left off,

I just turned off the server install and stopped it auto loading. It hasn’t been uninstalled

Hi Andybob:
I will input the redeem code during free trial membership, after entering the code (life time) do I have to canceling my free trial membership?

Hi Steven,
I don’t know that, so let’s ask @kevin to make sure it’s done right. Welcome !

When I redeemed a code during my trial membership, my account did show two active subscriptions, the lifetime one and the trial. I canceled my trial subscription just to be sure :slight_smile:

Thanks Janne, now I also canceled my free trial membership!


Hi @stephen_tai, looks like you did this correctly and your account is in good shape. Thanks!