Add accessibility support for Roon app on android devices


I am currently on a quest to automate Roon and my Hifi equipment and am trying a “medium difficulty” road before trying “hard mode”.

For this, I am using Tasker and AutoInput. The latter is basically an app “recording” my moves on the android device so that it can execute it with a touch of an app button.

It works for most of my apps, except for Roon :confounded:

And I also found out the reason:
AutoInput uses an accessibility service to click on stuff and sometimes apps are coded in such a way that the accessibility click is disabled.

So what I am requesting here is basically asking roon, to make buttons within the roon app click compatible with an accessibility service.

I am told that this is an easy thing to do.

Any chances that you could put it into your roadmap for the android app? If it helps, I would need the following buttons clickable:

  1. The 3 barred icon on the top left corner for showing the menu
  2. Playlist button
  3. Clickable line items in the playlist list
  4. Play button
  5. Second play button that appears, when you click play



You will need a Roon Dev to comment if that’s possible or not, however as an alternative does this help?

Numeric Menu navigation beyond item 9 seem to be a problem, it tried using letter ‘A’ for ‘10’ but that popped up the search box.

Yet unexpectedly typing ‘0’ open up the playlist browser.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for Feedback.

How do I make a dev aware of this thread for commenting?

Regarding your shortcut overview:
Do these shortcuts work with the Roon app on my mobile phone? I.e. if I would connect my Bluetooth keyboard, would these shortcuts work with the app?

Or is it only applicable for the Roon Core software on my win10 machine?

Roon has a few roadblocks with regards to accessibility, related to its use of OpenGL for screen rendering – you this comment + link by @mike:

Roon devs do read the Feature Requests forum actively, but be aware not every request can or will be responded to.

Sorry I don’t know that answer to that and I have no means of testing, are you able to try it with your devices?

Thanks for the link. Understood that opengl is a roadblock for accessibility solutions. And I also take away that it will never be fixed as we are would be talking about fundamental changes to Roon software.

I just tested it and it neither works on my tablet nor on the phone. Keyboard commands do not do anything, not even the cursor buttons. As if my Bluetooth keyboard went dead after selecting Roon app shortcut for running. That is apparently due to the design choice (opengl).

The findings here leave me with two options:
A: go the hard way and try event ghost on Windows, uninstall headless and install Roon Core
B: try alternative software for automation purposes only. I.e. use Roon in cases where automated running is not required and use alternative software (maybe jriver?) for automating processes.

So basically, the hard way :slight_smile:

Hopefully I will have tested both scenarios until Xmas. I will.keep you posted…

Also: Roon is working on an API, opening up outside access to core functionality. If all goes well, it will be released with 1.3.

While not much further information has been released so far, you may want to wait until Christmas time… :wink:

You don’t have to uninstall Roon Server, unless you wish to, as Roon works fine running as a remote on the same machine.

thats a good hint. helps me with testing. thanks!