Add album artwork from gallery?

ROON has become an indispensable part of my music life in the last six months… Impressed how well everything works!

I can’t get along with just one thing. If I edit an album and want to use my own artwork, it works ONLY as “insert URL from clipboard”… What is that supposed to be? Where are there pictures with their own URL? Sometimes it actually works, but usually it doesn’t.,. Did I not understand something or why can’t I insert simply a picture from the gallery?

I’m looking forward to a helpful advice!

Best regards, Lorenz.

@Harfenklang - it’s not clear how much of your music collection is local vs. streaming but for the tracks you have local, you are best off adding artwork to the files themselves using a metadata editor like MP3Tag, Yate, etc. And many good sources for that artwork are referenced here:

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Apparently you are using a tablet. On a PC you can also load from a file (and arguably the same option should exist on a tablet but it does not)

On Google, any other search engine, and generally on the web. Usually you can rightclick the picture in a browser and choose “Copy image URL”

The search engines typically have an image search where you can choose parameters, I like DuckDuckGo’s image search for this:

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Hallo suedkiez, wieder mal die Lösung in Sekundenschnelle…Vielen Dank!
Tatsächlich, ich mache das meiste übers iPad…
Dann wird das eben eine kleine Aufgabe am PC, kein Problem.

Und natürlich ein schönes neues Jahr voller Musik :notes::musical_note:

Viele Grüße , Lorenz.

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Schönes neues :slight_smile:

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