Add Amazing Radio UK and US and all of it streams to LIve Radio

Here are the website URLs for the radio. stations

Amazing Radio UK -
Amazing Radio US -

I am trying to ascertain their stream URL’s from them but given that you al are Roon, you might have better luck.

From their website in the UK

Amazing Radio is a brilliant and unique platform for emerging artists. We are the world’s only digital radio station that plays 100% brand-new music from independent artists.

Our platform for artists is the future.

From their website in the US

Amazing America is a US-based music business 100% focused on helping new and emerging musicians. It operates Amazing Radio and CMJ , which together have more than fifty years’ experience of helping the world’s best new musicians get the break they deserve

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I’m sorry @David_Blumenstein, we’ve tried before to add this station

but with the current status of Roon Radio it can’t be done. The Roon devs are aware.


Literally came on here to ask the same thing.

Such a shame, is there any way at all I can stream this via roon?

It depends on how technical you are. You could set up a relay server on a raspberry pi which could circumvent the redirection bug and point Roon to that server. A couple of our users have done this for other stations (in order to add metadata to the stream). There is a tutorial here by @Sebastien
(for a different station) which may contain enough information if you are keen.

I might try it myself later.

EDIT Yes, it works

Awesome thank you, Ill try it today.

Good luck. Let me know if you have problems.

@David_Blumenstein @Chris_Nice I’ve setup a relay for all Roon users in order to get Amazing Radio UK and US in our app.
UK is now available in MP3 128kpbs quality, with metadata.
US will be live by tomorrow.


@alec_eiffel has come up trumps again. Many thanks.
I have added Amazing Radio US

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