Add an unshuffled album to a shuffled queue

I’m adding albums to queue and I shuffle that. However, when in the middle of that if I want to play an entire album, the “play” action in the album “play” menu should play unshuffled.
I am saying this just in case Roon didn’t understand the use case…

‘Add Next’ will do what you want.

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Thanks @xxx, I didn’t know that. To summarise if shuffle is on for the queue:

  • using add next will insert unshuffled, whether that is an album or a group of selected items.

  • using add to queue will shuffle the album or selection before adding it to the queue in random places.

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maybe I wasn’t clear - when I hit play in the album page I expect the queue to be replaced by the album. I don’t want to add the album to the queue and play it unshuffled, I just want to play the album in the track order. Like god intended the good old Play button.

There was a big debate the last time around this back in 2017. Not everyone wants the queue to be replaced by an album. I think the “Add Next” was the compromise that was reached between the queue replacers and the queue preservers factions.

And that is indeed what effectively happens if you hit play now. Previous items in the queue are skipped (you can see them if you scroll up the queue), the album added and the queue starts from there…
…but, if you have set shuffle on in the queue, then it will shuffle the tracks.
The inconsistency is that add next inserts into the queue in an unshuffled order. This actually sounds like an oversight to me.

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! :grinning:

Thank you - indeed what you describe is exactly what happens, but this does not mean that the queue is replaced. The new album is merely added to the queue with the queue behavior preserved.

all this debating is quite bizarre… have you really not used any other music player? only Roon does this, all others are “normal”. Some are asking if you wish to preserve the queue itself, but the queue shuffling is not preserved in any player that I am aware of. This is unique to Roon and one of its most annoying features.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to defend Roon’s approach here. I was just trying to elucidate what happens in the various scenarios (for my own benefit at least).

Great - that is indeed undefendable :slight_smile:

I’ve been complaining about this for a couple of years.

Well the struggle is over. We have sleep timer now. Next thing genius playlists?

How does that help the shuffle problem?

I don’t understand.

that was a sarcastic joke. probably not a good one since it requires explaining…