Build 259 UI Changes Feedback Thread

This thread is to gather together user experience and comments about the UI changes rolled out in Build 259. Let the devs know what you like, what you don’t like and what you’d like to see change further. Do you like their new stuff better than their old stuff ?

It took me under one hour before I accidently deleted my queue the first time with the new UI.
Sadly, one of the best features of Roon is gone: the protection from unwanted queue deletion.

Should the one click button not be only optional?
I cannot find an option to disable this new horrible feature.
Please implement an option to disable it.


I think they’re great! Clean and intuitive.


That’s why there is the undo option in case you have second thoughts


Hopefully you’re just experiencing some muscle memory from the previous implementation, but for sure, the default queue behaviour could easily be set via a toggle switch in Settings.

I’m positive about the change, however. The Play button behaviour now accurately reflects the label. “Play Album” plays the album.

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I didn’t have anything against the original behaviour but I like the new style. Clean and easy to use.
Won’t take long to get used to.

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Love the new play options. The pop down menu is sweet.


I also love new play button and options.


Just for the fun of it I’ve gone looking for this undo option. Where the heck is it?

It appears momentarily when you destroy your queue

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Ah, didn’t pay attention to that little overlay that appears.

That said, I think there needs to be more robust management options with regards to the queue. Many won’t realize they destroyed their queue until well after that little overlay has disappeared. Especially if liquor is involved.

An option for non destructive party mode comes to mind. iPeng has this feature which is great when handing around the remote to friends.


Love the new one-click buttons, thanks!


It disappear definitly to fast. Till my old brain registered I had made a mistake, it is already gone.

That’s the point. With roon as it was till yesterday I had no problem to gave the remote to a party guest. As it is now, destruction of the queue is garanteed, if a guest lay his hand on the remote, I don’t like it. One aspect that made Roon superior to other players is gone now.

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No that’s not the point. The old way wasn’t non destructive, it was just more annoying when using it in a non party atmosphere. Everyone I hand the remote to destroys the queue when playing the track of their choice.

could we simply have another default option for the play button that is add to queue?

so it’s
play now
play from here
add to queue

that are the options in the track play action in settings.

This would go a long way to keep both sides of the debate happy.



Yep, @Sloop_John_B that was also another feature in iPeng that I think would work well in Roon. Being able to define the default action for the button.

I’m not sure why ‘Play Now’ should clear the rest of the queue? I would assume that it would add the track to the top of the queue and start playing it immediately, quitting the currently playing track if there is one.


Love the new implementation :slight_smile: - Really neat and cool! Much more like a CD player.

But I can understand the queue lovers who bemoan the easy destruction of the queue.

How about modifying slightlly by adding whatever the various Play buttons do to the top of the queue automatically? Haha. Steve’s just posted the same thing above whilst I am typing this :slight_smile:

Not wishing to decry your sterling work, guys! Good job!