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Hi there,
I have Roon core on one computer which is connected to another (both macs) via ethernet. I’m not being able to add the music folder of the mac that I use as the remote to roon. Can you please help?

Hi Marcelo,

You will need to share the folder that’s on your ‘remote’ Mac first through System Preferences > Sharing. (You may have to activate Windows File Sharing via the Options button in the Sharing Panel as well).

Afterwards, you can add the folder to your Core via Settings > Storage (Add Folder > Browse > Add Network Folder), using ‘smb://ip.of.your.remote.mac’ and the username / password of the active account on the Remote Mac.

Would you mind if I turned this into a public thread in the Support Forum? I’m not always around – that way others can chime in to help as well.

of course. Thanks so much.

There you go – let us know how it goes!

Can one connect a folder from a second mac if they are on the same wifi network. I can’t seem to form the smb location correctly…I do know the ip address on the 2nd machine…I get a path that includes xxxxiMac._smb._tcp.local/ . I tried using that (plus the complete path listed to the folder) or NOT using it and using the ip address in place, but I get “invalid network path specified” or unknown error. Ok…I figured it out…somehow had the wrong IP address. Let me know if I should delete this post…In any case, the path did NOT include the above xxxx thing (which is generated in the “info” window’s location info…that’s where the ip address should go. I guess it’s a “well, duh” but it’s not quite intuitive, imho.


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Hello @Tatifan, glad to hear that you’re up and running with the correct IP.

Posting this here in case other users find this thread and are experiencing difficulties with OSX:

If you are trying to share a folder on OSX from computer to computer you would want to follow these instructions: