"Add folder" or "Add network folder"

My music is stored on a network - NAS. I can access the NAS by going to “Add folder” and navigating to it there in finder. If I go to “Add network folder”, I have to type is some network address that I don’t know. Can I just use the first option?

what operating system are you on?

I’m on OS X 10.10.3.

Hey @extracampine, if your NAS is mounted as a Volume then yes, you can do the first option, but I’m a little worried that your NAS is mounted as AFP, not SMB which Roon requires. So try this:

Since you don’t know the IP address of your NAS, you need to scan your network. Go download WakeOnLan for OS X here. After you download and open the app, it will ask if you want to scan your network, click Yes, and a few moments later you’ll have a list of devices on your network with their associated IP addresses, and you should see your NAS on that list.

Then, mount your NAS like this:

  1. Remove the NAS watched folder in Roon
  2. Unmount your NAS drive (click the eject button in Finder)
  3. Open Finder and press cmd-k on your keyboard
  4. Type the address of the NAS as   smb://ip address of your nas
  5. Connect and mount the volumes you want
  6. Re-add the NAS as a watched folder in Roon like this   smb://ip address of your nas/Music Library

Let me know if you need any more help!

Thanks - it was AFP, and I have changed it to SMB. And - does it make any difference whether I add network files via the first or the second option?

I just restarted my Mac, and noticed that it automatically reconnected to my NAS as AFP again!

Do you have the AFP mount in your login items how to remove login items


I did indeed, thanks. I removed that and have now mounted as SMB.