Add music folder located on QNAP NAS


  • Core machine: Mac mini (end 2014) 10.14, 8GB, 1TB
  • Library is stored in 2 places: Mac mini & QNAP NAS
  • 1 Roon endpoint: NAD amplifier
  • Mac mini is connected to an HDMI TV


I’m trying to add music stored on a QNAP NAS.

I have tried following the instructions on this page under " Content Stored On a NAS Drive" section but I’m still struggling.

This is the path I see when I right-click on the Music folder “Get Info”:

When I copy paste this path into Roon on my Mac, I have this error message:
Could not connect to share: Host not found

Hope someone can help, thank you!

You need to use smb not afp

Hi @sakurabanga,

As @wizardofoz mentioned, you will need to use the SMB or hostname to connect to the share, and we have just updated our documentation to reflect this.

Can you please give this connection method a try instead and let me know if you are able to successfully add the share that way?

Worked great thanks!

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