Add Network Share

Hi all,
I have been having lots of difficulty adding a Network Share (first for Backups and now Storage). I have Windows 10 on HP with network (ethernet) to NAS (Seagate Personal Cloud) and Roon Nucleus (successfully added 1TB SSD and copied music onto it). I have latest Roon version 1.6 (build390).

When trying to add folders for Storage I successfully added the NAS (but I ma not sure it is updating) but was having lots of difficulty in adding Roon Internal Storage (once I got over mapping the drive). I kept finding NUCLEUS on Windows explorer and copying “\NUCLEUS\Storage\InternalStorage” (which is what Windows showed and copied) but then Roon would not recognise the path or host. I read a recent thread and it turns out that if I inserted “Data” (which was not being shown in File Explorer which I was copying) to \NUCLEUS\Data\Storage\InternalStorage then it has just worked. Can anyone explain this?

Also I am backing up to my NAS (X:) but can’t back up to my main computer (C:). Whatever path I type in seems to get same result of invalid path or host not recognised. Any ideas?

Cheers and thanks to earlier thread owners for the “Data” add.

Kept reading and it seems that in my C: the folders I wanted to reference did not allow sharing. So I went into the folders and in the ribbon selected “Properties” and then “Sharing” and allowed it to share with everyone (also you can copy the directory path here as well). They are now showing up anyway so that’s a start. Let’s see how they go with updates. Cheers

Drive letters (C:, X:, etc) will only work on the local PC, where the drives are “mapped”. For network shares, you will need to use either hostnames or IP addresses to identify the drive. eg:, smb://kevinsPC/music, not C:/music, or smb://kevinsNAS/music, not X:/music.’m_having_trouble_setting_up_my_NAS

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Thanks Mike, that had definitely added clarity. I’ve gone and checked and yes, after making the folders shares, I had copied the names and not the drive letters. Let’s see how it goes with tonight’s backup and future downloads or rips. Once again, thanks for the assistance. Cheers Kevin.