Add Next From Here not enabling

When I enable this:

Shouldn’t I see these extra options here?

I want the option to play the rest of the album without interrupting my current playing track. I thought this was how it could be done, but something is not working.

Don’t right-click to select the track (and get the “1 selected” menu bar across the top of the Roon Window). That’s for when you want to select multiple tracks.

Just click on the track, and you should see the full range of Play options pop up on the track itself.

BTW, in the first screenshot, you highlighted the settings for “Tracks in Playlists” - did you mean to highlight “Tracks in Albums”? The settings can be different between them.

OMG, I’ve been using Roon for over a year and I never figured that out lol.
Thank you Geoff

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