Add Radio Paradise as a "music service"

It’s currently available as a radio station. Do you know if RP is set up to work with Roon?

There are a variety of requests for different music services, but certain integration requirements exist and must be met prior to implementation.

RP was previously solely listener supported, and these deals are kind of a recent thing. Wouldn’t hurt for you to reach out to RP and see if they are interested in working with Roon. RP will communicate / respond by email.

@rrwwss52 yes, I’m aware that RP exists as radio station and Metadata is also available if one selects the URL with “m” suffix. Its just that the album covers and Roon interface will beautifully complement this wonderful station.
RP has made almost all of its services open and accessible to all and I found this API which should work easily - Is there anyway to get developer attention to this one?

I understand that there are many streaming services out there and integrating each to its fullest won’t be possible. However, since RP was one of those few stations who stream flac and seeing all the requests here, the dev efforts maybe worthwhile. Just a thought.


Again coming back to this. Come on Roon!!!


Not wishing to go off topic but I’ve been through a similar experience recently with Jazzgroove. As a subscriber Jazzgroove provide a link which is effectively a cut and paste link to set up their FLAC streams on Roon radio. However the original URL was missing metadata (Artist/Album). Following some exchanges with Jazzgroove they kindly provided a .pls stream which now provides FLAC with metadata and is fully compatible with Roon radio. I don’t think it was a major exercise to do this so if the parties are willing…it can be done.

You have the best ideas Mikael_Ollars.
Of course, ROON 2021 should be able to offer this service. When several others have it.
ROON should naturally be at the top to broaden people’s interest in new artists.
I keep my fingers crossed that the skilled ROON people will solve this immediately.

I envision the “Now Playing”-screen showing artist image, album cover, composition/album/artist-links so we can find, and “Favorite” the songs we like, but are not yet in our personal library.


Would seriously love Roon to embrace Radio Paradise properly. The BlueOS/Bluesound integration is the best but Roon could do even better. It would be one more thing to keep me on Roon rather than on other solutions.

With the recent release of Innuos Sense and many others slowly catching Roon up, they should be looking at quick wins like this. Think of all the Roon customers who would also discover Radio Paradise for the first time too. I discovered it through Bluesound.

Plex is working on functionality to Rival Roon too and after experiencing Plexamp, their solution could be a good one. Plexamp produces better sound quality from an iPhone than Apple’s own Apple Music lossless. Plex has the ability to provide a great “Roon-like” solution and are strongly hinting it’s in the works.

Come on Roon, Radio Paradise with MQA support, track skipping, track rating, rich metadata, Album/Artist and track visuals. You could be top of the tree with this!

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I seriously doubt that Radio Paradise would do what is necessary to gain Roon Integration. Roon integration isn’t like integration with anyone else’s system.

If that’s the case, that’s a shame for Roon.

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As a Roon newbie having come over from the Squeezebox universe, Radio Paradise (lack of) integration is one of my biggest bugbears. Being able to skip a track is a game-changer on a reasonably eclectic station - one of the things I loved about the LMS/RP/iPeng setup. I really miss that - and am typing in silence because a track was doing my head in and I can’t just hit Next. So, it seems my alternatives are:

  1. Spin up LMS alongside Roon and have my Allo Boss Player and other endpoints switch between Roon and Squeezebox
  2. Live with it and get used to switching Radio Paradise off - a pain whilst I’m working in Covid lockdown
  3. Give up on Roon and go back to Squeezebox

Looks like the previous and next track buttons are greyed out, which is what I get. Is that right? This is functionality I dearly miss - and it’s available on other platforms such as LMS (Squeezebox).

Obviously would be better to use the radio stream’s (Radio Paradise or otherwise) own metadata — as it will likely provide more successful matching.

But having a ‘Shazam like’ functionality that could work for any Live Radio stream would be a game changer in terms of discovering new music within Roon. I opened a ticket a while back to this effect…

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I’m not familiar with it, may I ask what should be the effect of next/previous track buttons for a live radio stream? What is the meaning of skipping a track within a live radio stream?

Since we’re implementing native support for Radio Paradise FLAC, I’d also like to ask is it robust nowadays? Do any of you need to fallback to AAC version?

Same as for any next/previous buttons everywhere?

You don’t like or don’t want to listen to that particular track? Or you want to listen to it again?

It is part of my daily listening routine for the last 4 or five months (8 hours per day at least) using BlueSound app on windows to Bluesound Node wireless, flac stream only, and I never had a problem (1Gb internet on papers, less than decent in the real life).

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I stream as Flac via LMS using next button to skip tracks regularly for I guess at least a year now. Full metadata and artwork problems.

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Is this skip functionality missing for all Live Radio via Roon even if the radio provides it?

What other radio stations provide skip functionality? I assume this is not something generally available with others, e.g. BBC?

Does anyone know whether there is some sort of API that would do the skipping across different radio providers?

I’d say that Bill will be the best source of information regarding Radio Paradises technology. From what i hear, he’s a really nice guy to chat with.
I don’t know how RPs streams work, but i know they are not the plain vanilla Internet Radio streams most others are using. I consider them a “scrolling playlist”, right or wrong.

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I listen to a lot of Internet radio. But I’m not personally aware of any other station that allows skipping. Radio Paradise is quite unique I think in this regard.

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Hence this topic!


When I search for or ask about FLAC radio in various places (outside Roon), Radio Paradise always comes up first by far.

I wonder which other FLAC radio stations are the most popular behind Radio Paradise?

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