Add Radio Paradise as a "music service"

I would love to be able to select Radio Paradise FLAC stream directly from the hamburger menu, and of course being able to see their metadata on the Now Playing screen as well as any Displays attached.
As of today you can add and play this stream from Internet Radio, but it is not really a Roon experience as the stream does not carry any metadata.
Please Roon! Have a look at how Bluesound solved this and let use enjoy the fine quality and selection of Bill and his crew from RP within Roon!


Now that would be something of value.


+1 for this idea !

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+1 more for this

They do now offer an API to pull the metadata.

This request gets a thumbs up from me as well. I will often use the Bluesound app, Then can use the metadata to search using any of the information if I like what I hear.

Finding the flac stream keeps stopping for no reason and can’t get it to restart. Plus 1

+1 for this idea.

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A +1 from me aswell

Yes, LMS and squeezeboxes now have this working (FLAC streams with metadata).

+1 for this idea!

This is a good idea but I don’t think it goes far enough.

I’d rather see a “Roon Ready Internet Radio” list. Basically, the radio station would need to:

  1. Be greater than 128k streaming
  2. Provide meta data in a format Roon can display on the Now Playing screen.

That’s it. Leave it as “Internet Radio” but under “Add Radio Station” provide a way to browse the “Roon Ready” stations. Let the stations have access to update their URLs within Roon’s backend system so users don’t need to keep chasing the URL as the stations tweak their high bitrate streaming capacity. Maybe even allow for a little “pop-up” when the station is “played” in case it’s down for maintenance or something. The station can display a little note to that effect.

That’s how I’d like to see something like this work.


I concur with Mikael. Please do something.

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Fantastic idea

Yes please!

Plus one definitely - RP is on more or less all day here and at work.

We want Radio Paradise as “music service”!!!


I would love it. I have to sit with my phone one the website to find out what’s playing. Not really a Roon experience but better than nothing…

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The best internet radio station on the planet.

No, in the solar system…

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