Add Radio Paradise as a "music service"

same here, works perfectly fine on the main Mix. Rock is struggling a bit

That’s all very interesting. The various geographical servers are evidently operating with different levels of robustness and different levels of metadata content.

Here in the uk checking on the status gives

While the US shows

Streams seem much better now. Do others see any improvement?

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I just posted the below elsewhere in the community. i think however this also should be posted here as this is actually a feature request.

I enjoy Roon a lot but the Radio Paradise support is seriously bugging me. Like Roon, Radio Paradise is a music lovers (Not that fan of using the term audiophile…:slight_smile: ) thing. I already noticed that the BluOS implementation has an implementation of RP with album art and track info. Today i discovered Volumio has one as well. And this one is completely free. One of my end points is a little RPI4 with an integrated RPI Touchscreen. I use it in my kitchen connected to a small USB DAC and active speakers. This is not meant to be a top notch setup, but just to get good quality stereo music when I listen to music in the kitchen and dining room (mainly in the weekends). I set this up as a Roon end point with the fantastic support of the Roon web controller add on. As of today this endpoint is on Volumio. I don’t have the paid subscription so no Qobuz integration (I do have still an option to use the Roon bridge which is enabled in Volumio). The thing is that in this endpoint i listen to Radio Paradise. A lot. In 20 minutes I had this setup with full touchscreen integration (plugin out of the box) and Radio Paradise with album cover art and full track details.

Come on Roon, you can do better than this. I am not a programmer, but i have tinkered enough in my life to believe getting this to work is not rocket science. For the amount you charge us, you can afford to do this I think.

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No artwork in California. Boo.

+1 for me, this would cement my lifetime membership.

Roon doesn’t want lifetime members, so not really an enticement for incorporating Radio Paradise.

OK I’ll bite, why doesn’t roon want lifetime members?

It’s not that they don’t want lifetime members. They just want the steady income stream from annual memberships. They don’t want to get several years down the road and their income stream dries up.

Roon has told all who want to listen that lifetime memberships will, at some point in the future, be eliminated.

The price has already been increased from $500 tp $700 in an attempt to dissuade people from buying lifetime.

Point is, if you are thinking about lifetime, better not wait for Radio Paradise inclusion.


So do many companies but I have a feeling the consumer is really sick of the subscription model.

Lifetime is still available…for now.

Not this one.

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Well I was getting metadata for a brief time - I guess it was early June-ish - but lost it after a week or two. I once again have to run the 320 stream to an endpoint I am not listening to to see the data.

Are some folks still seeing metadata with flac? If yes, any ideas?

I can use the RP metadata FLAC stream. There are multiple streams in the Live Radio entry. Try different ones and you’ll find the metadata one. Reception can be glitchy. I understand RP may have a more limited server running the metadata stream so it can vary with demand.

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The RP servers in the Netherlands appear to have lost the metadata from the metadata streams recently, and dropouts are also happening.

With the help of @BrianW, I added the IP address of the RP server in the UK, and that is still working.

INdeed RP seems to struggle to stabilise theyr Flac metadata service.
If you have a Linux machine at home (a Raspeberry PI under DietPi would do it) and don’t mind tinkering you can build a rock solid metadata RP FLAC stream at home, merging the stable non-metadata RP FLAC stream with metadata retrieved through RP’s API.

It works beautifully.


Also @Boris_Schaedler has added RP metadata to his extension for Android it gives artwork and metadata no issues. Why can’t Roon copy this method it works well.

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