Add Radio Paradise as a "music service"

Coundlt agree more, Roon should re-visit this or ask RP do the work from their side. Radio Paradise is one of the best internet stations out there because apart from their excellent curation their implimentation of quality music streaming, rich metadata, listner track rating and track skipping. Currently the Bluesound integration is the best I have access to away from the iPhone, but Roon could surely improve even on that? I also use RP for music discovery and am looking for a quick way to add RP tracks to my library while listening… :+1:


Have paid my first year of Roon yesterday and as usual you start seeing those little minuses after you pay, not before :slight_smile:
So no meta data on RP. I usually listen to RP when in the kitchen where I have a BluOS system. In BluOS RP is with track info. It’s a real shame Roon cannot provide this.

Note that you can get metadata from RP when playing any of the streams other than the FLAC streams (e.g., AAC 320). Not sure what would have to be done to get the metadata for FLAC streams. I know that someone wrote a RP plugin for Logitec Media Server (LMS) for playing to squeezeboxes and squeezelite players, and it has a way of reporting metadata, even for the FLAC streams.

There is a (very complex) workaround for RP to have Metadata in Flac see here the post by @Sebastien. Live Radio: metadata

I hope Roon will offer a way in the internet radio tool to map missing metadata such as RP or all (and good) Radio France radios.

Here’s an amateur integration of RP’s metadata and FLAC stream, for what is worth Radio Paradise FLAC stream with artist and track name - unofficial experimental hack -

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+1 from me too!

Well, we have liftoff!
I don’t remember getting an update, but I have some metadata for the flac stream fro RP.

Yes, the FLAC streams now have metadata, thanks to BillG at RP and some Roon users keeping the issue alive on RP Forum. It’s pretty cool to be able to click on streaming albums for music played by RP.

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Confirmed! Works for me as well. I can now see the artist/track for the stream.

Wow! This is great! I’m sure the Roon team will figure a way to link the album cover directly to the. ow playing screen also!
But simply linking to the album/artist is great, and most useful!

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This appears to be missing now - same for others?

No, still working here:

(Assuming you’re referring to the Artist/Album info?)

Still much nicer in BluOS though:

Won’t work at all for me.

same here, works perfectly fine on the main Mix. Rock is struggling a bit

That’s all very interesting. The various geographical servers are evidently operating with different levels of robustness and different levels of metadata content.

Here in the uk checking on the status gives

While the US shows

Streams seem much better now. Do others see any improvement?

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I just posted the below elsewhere in the community. i think however this also should be posted here as this is actually a feature request.

I enjoy Roon a lot but the Radio Paradise support is seriously bugging me. Like Roon, Radio Paradise is a music lovers (Not that fan of using the term audiophile…:slight_smile: ) thing. I already noticed that the BluOS implementation has an implementation of RP with album art and track info. Today i discovered Volumio has one as well. And this one is completely free. One of my end points is a little RPI4 with an integrated RPI Touchscreen. I use it in my kitchen connected to a small USB DAC and active speakers. This is not meant to be a top notch setup, but just to get good quality stereo music when I listen to music in the kitchen and dining room (mainly in the weekends). I set this up as a Roon end point with the fantastic support of the Roon web controller add on. As of today this endpoint is on Volumio. I don’t have the paid subscription so no Qobuz integration (I do have still an option to use the Roon bridge which is enabled in Volumio). The thing is that in this endpoint i listen to Radio Paradise. A lot. In 20 minutes I had this setup with full touchscreen integration (plugin out of the box) and Radio Paradise with album cover art and full track details.

Come on Roon, you can do better than this. I am not a programmer, but i have tinkered enough in my life to believe getting this to work is not rocket science. For the amount you charge us, you can afford to do this I think.

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No artwork in California. Boo.