Add radio stations to Roon

Hi everyone,
I can’t find in roon the usual radio station I’m listening and i was wondering if there’s a way to add radio station to roon.



Sure, go to the “My Live Radio” page and then click “Add Station”

Also, @BrianW , is there a place where @Fabio_Ferrantini can go to get some help getting this station into the directory for others?

In general, post in #live-radio and I’m happy to deal with it, either adding new or fixing old.

For now, @Fabio_Ferrantini - what station did you want added?

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Hello Brian - Is it possible to add 104.5 WLLZ out of Saginaw Michigan to Live Radio?

Hello @EaglesMan , I’ve added 104.5 WILZ for you (not WLLZ, correct?). Please check if OK.

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Great! Thanks Brian!

Just in case, I added 106.7 WLLZ US only, too.

Hi Brian,
I’d love to add :
Centro suono sport 101.5 (Rome, Italy)
Radio onda rossa 87.9 (Rome, Italy)
Radio città Pescara (pescara italy)
Radio Swiss Jazz
Linn Radio Jazz
Radio Sonar (italy

Sorry in advance if asking too much

Actually I learnt how to add stations


Ok. Some of those are already there - Linn Jazz and Radio Swiss Jazz…
…I’ll add the others as well so others get to hear them.

Hello again @Fabio_Ferrantini , I’ve added

Centro Suono Sport 101.5
Radio Onda Rossa 87.9
Radio Città Pescara
Radio Sonar

The other two, Linn Jazz and Radio Swiss Jazz were already there. Easist is to use the magnifying glass to find them.

Please check if OK.

they’re all right.
just to let you know:
yesterday I’ve add some station by Tunein url and they were working fine. today they weren’t working anymore.

Thanks again

Can you tell me which ones aren’t working? I’ll see if I can help.

Not working with iTunes url:

Centro suono sport

Radio città Pescara wasn’t working at all

Radio onda rossa

that’s it. worked when added, not working the day after


The Tunein (not iTunes) url can cause Roon problems if the underlying url is of a particular form (https plus port number). However, the stations as added in the Roon database (as listed by me above) should be OK.

Are you using the DB versions or your own added ones?

I’ve just tried them all and they work. You may need to delete your own added ones. The DB ones should look like

Since you added the stations I’m using the DB ones.
I’ve mentioned the issue with Tunein only to let you know
Thank you

Ahh, I see. Thank you.

Please add the following radio Station
Classic 1027 - (south Africa)

Hello @Trishend_Kambaran , welcome to Live Radio.

I’ve added Classic 1027 for you, please check if OK.

Station added and working
Thank you :blush:

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