Add Record Label filter for search

In Europe we have a problem with pre-1964 releases being in the public domain. Hence this is why artists such as Frank Sinatra etc have thousands of releases on streaming services. The public domain releases often sound poor, they are not mastered from the original source and will often be mastered from vinyl. If you are in search of good sound quality you should look for the releases from the original label, or its owning company. This is not possible in Roon.

It would be helpful to be able to filter the search results (those not in my library) from Qobuz by Record Label - this way, for example, we can find all the Verve label releases of Ella Fitzgerald rather than have to search each one to find which are those releases on the Verve label.


The better solution would be if those releases would be excluded from streaming in the beginning. If qobuz (or another service) wants to they still could sell the stuff as downloads and maybe use it to inflate the numbers of songs available (for bragging / marketing).

We need a search for labels for services definitely. Can’t understand why it’s for library material only.


This would be very useful for jazz and classical music. Being able to search for ECM or Verve or CPO or Deutsche Grammophone would allow browsing a catalogue without knowing what you are looking for but with confidence that you will like what you will find.

I have never understood why Labels, Country and Genre (Sex) are not candidates for browsing a library in Roon as main browsing categories. Roon has the Label and Country metadata and Musicbrainz has the Genre (Sex) and the also Country metadata.

Being able to browse a genre by Country and differentiate between bands and male or female solo artists and labels would be useful and easy to implement given the metadata exists.

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