Add Support For AutoEq

Are the Roon developers aware of this open source project? It provides EQ curves for a huge number of headphones.

See the “results” folder for examples.

I think it would be really cool if you could find a way to incorporate these curves into Roon’s DSP EQ. The best option would be having them buit-in to Roon, if the project’s license allows (MIT license). Another option would be to contribute a py script to the project to export EQ settings in a format that Roon could import.

That brings me to the second part of my request: Please add the ability to import/export Roon EQ settings to a file, so we can share them more easily. That would also give headphone manufactures an easy way to provide EQ curves for use in Roon.


You can incorporate them already. I have them installed in my Roon DSP. Download each sample rate filter zip them up load them in convolution filter and bang your away.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’ve been entering them into the Parametric EQ by hand.

Was easy, as you said.

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Glad to hear it worked for you. I have not found oneof the profiles I really like yet though. I tried all the ones for my Meze 99 Classics, my AKG K550 and felt it took all the fun of listening to them. Funny as I love DSP for my speakers.

The big downside of using the convolution filter is that you can’t adjust it to your taste, like you can with a PEQ filter. I tried the convolution filter from AutoEq for my Mr.Speaker Ether Flow Cs and liked it. I also tried a filter with my STAX SR-009s and felt it was not quite right. I’ll probably enter that one as a PEQ and try to tweak it.

You can apply peq on top of convolution just to tweak it.

Hi, thanks for sharing the availability of these files (and of course to the creator of the files themselves)…reading the instructions, it says to set the preamp to -6.5 db. How do I do that in Roon? Via eq? I had tried to eq my HD800S and I think off the bat, the convolution file sounds much better! Thanks!

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Set your headroom management to -6.5db

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