Add to Qobuz Favorites without Adding to Roon Library

I’m fairly new to using Roon, so this may be a very basic question.

I was wondering is there a way to add something one’s Qobuz library via Roon without automatically adding it to the Roon Library?

I ask because we can’t save Qobuz albums for offline listening via Roon ARC, as of this moment, and I’d like to be able to listen to these albums when I don’t have access to the internet (when I’m riding in the subway, for instance).


There isn’t no the whole point is that Roon syncs your Qobuz favourites so they can be managed by Roon without this you would not be able to use the advanced search and tagging being part of the library allows. What you could do is add them to a playlist, export the playlist in Soundiiz format and use that to transfer the playlist to Qobuz. But you need a Soundiiz account for this.

So what if I have an album in my local library that is also in my Qobuz favorites? I use Qobuz for streaming outside of my home. How does that work in Roon?

I think I see what happens, they just overlap in the Roon library. That’s a good thing, because I won’t have duplication of the same albums.

Nope, that only happened for one album. Welp, that sucks.

It would help if you shared some examples.

But please note the following:

  • Favouriting an album in Qobuz adds the release to Roon
  • Likewise, adding a Qobuz release within Roon will add this to your Qobuz favourites
  • Favourites in Roon are not equivalent to Qobuz favourites
  • Qobuz has multiple versions of the same album; favouriting only add the version viewed

Thank you for the detailed response, Martin.

So, basically, I’m not sure if I explained myself well enough.

I’m not really using Roon to it’s full potential at this time (meaning with an always on Roon Core). I just love the app and how it uses your library and a streaming service for music discovery. I even switched to Qobuz just to be able to use this aspect of Roon. Basically, I’m using it like Audirvāna Studio, but with Roon’s amazing metadata and discovery features.

As of this moment, Roon ARC lacks the ability to download albums in our library that are from Qobuz/Tidal. Roon ARC also doesn’t let you download your library to your mobile device at varying quality levels (if I downloaded the amount of music I want to have on my phone at lossless or above, I’d run out of space fairly quickly).

So, I wanted to use Qobuz solely when I’m outside. For that to make sense for me, I need to favorite and download many albums that I have in my local library. This results in duplication in Roon, which becomes a mess. I’d have to manually hide every album that is part of my Roon and Qobuz library.

I was hoping there was a way to add something to Qobuz favorites w/o adding it automatically to one’s Roon Library (after giving it a second thought, I realize how this would be counter productive for most folks).

Anyhow, I’ll just have to hide albums that are duplicates until/if Roon decides to add the above features I mentioned.

I think it is unlikely that this will ever be available for Roon or any third-party music app. ARC streams directly from Qobuz; downloading would require all sorts of licensing agreements.

Before ARC, I used Qobuz on the go. Say I have the CD rip of Ghosteen and want to listen to this when travelling.

In Roon, I’d go to the Album page, and click the Versions tab and favourite the Qobuz release. The album is now in Qobuz. I prefer to show all versions separately on the album view, but I could Group Alternate Versions… I think this is what you are doing. Previously there was a global switch for this, but at some point it was removed.

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Thanks very much, Martin. You’ve been a great help. All the best! - Daniel

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