Add to / Remove from Tidal playlist


Premise: As long as I can’t play roon’s playlist when away from home.
Story: As a user, I would like to be able to Add to / Remove from / Edit Tidal playlists from roon.

As a reference: Sonos has it. They also have their own playlist but they have functions to “add to Tidal playlist” as they too cannot be accessed away from home :stuck_out_tongue:


Strongly agree!

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Yes i’m on my roon trial and had hoped/assumed this would be a given but haven’t been able to find it yet. So it’s not a thing? I only use streaming services and so want to be able to manage my library (tidal at this point) within roon. If I can import it all to roon and this would then find matching tracks in tidal then this would be ok as i could move streaming service in the future.

+1 - this would improve usability!

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@mike @brian

I noticed on Audirvana I can now add tracks to my Tidal playlists.

Is this a feature you can now add to Roon?