Be able to add songs to Tidal playlists from Roon

I would REALLY appreciate being able to add songs to my various Tidal playlists from Roon.
I use tidal when away and in the car, and cant use Roon there, so would really really love to be able to add songs to my tidal playlists when exploring music in Roon at home.

It is quite a hassle to manually add songs in both Roon and Tidal afterwards!



Totally agree with you, this is something I would really like too, now I have to have a separate playlist in iTunes to use on my phone and car, even though I have a lifetime subscription to Roon, I would be thinking to go for Apple Music if Apple were to stream cd/high Rez files.
Hopefully Roon can figure something out.

This is much requested, yes. There are a few threads on it. No official word from Roon as whether it is even being considered.

Tidal do there volume normalisation at Album level (as they should) I don’t know if this has any effect on being able to input individual tracks.
Also, there could be licensing issues involved.

Hey Chris,
I think you are on a different “track” (pun intended).

We want the Roon client to be able to edit Tidal playlists, similar to what Sonos allows. Tidal most likely as an API that allows for this.

Nothing to do with adding to Roon or licensing (unless you see some connection that I am missing).

Probably me having it wrong then… opps

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I also hope that Roon clients will soon be able to edit previously created playlists in Tidal.


+1 to this. I can’t fathom why it’s not already implemented. It is for sure the thing that will lead me away from Roon if it doesn’t get implemented soon.

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I have Roon open at home on various tablets at all times. When I come across something I really love, I typically want to add it into a Tidal playlist so I can listen in my car or on trips. Today, I have to open up either the Tidal App or the Blusound App to add those items…

This workflow is important enough for me, and cumbersome enough for now, to replace Roon Endpoints with Blusound streamers over time, and just use that App at all times. If I could just add to Tidal playlists, that transition would be mitigated completely.

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This MUST be implemented asap

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“+1” posts don’t sway things.

If you want to add your vote - click the Vote button at the top of the thread - that’s what counts as a vote…

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There seems to be numerous threads relating to this (see below).

I wonder if it’s would be sensible to merge them and their votes into a single thread — this one having the highest number of votes currently?

Also broadening out the scope to include Qobuz as well a Tidal?

Likewise, the syncing of truly local or mixed Roon playlists (originating in Roon) back to your chosen streaming service based on name/artists/track length — although maybe better to keep this request to just the core feature of syncing back to those playlists you have imported into Roon to start, just to get the ball rolling.