Adding music to Tidal playlist

I would love to have the feature while inside Roon playing music from Tidal, to be able to add music to an existing playlist in Tidal. Will this ever be possible in the future?
It’s working to add favorite albums, so I wonder why it’s not working with playlists. Any tech savvy who can answer to this?



I agree and second that, we create Playlists in Roon and would love to have access to it when I’m at the gym or traveling on the tidal app

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No ability to edit Tidal playlists.

The mobile use case is being addressed by roon in a future, no time target, update to make roon work in a portable manner.

Is the Tidal REST API not offering the feature to add tracks/playlists/albums (from Roon)?

That would be highly surprising. I made last year this function from an app to inject whatever I want into Spotify, using their API.

If at all possible, please, please offer the feature to add to Tidal when something is added in Roon. In the current version, one must “favorite” tracks in Tidal, then enjoy the tracks in Tidal (when on the fly) or Roon (when at home). This is nothing else if not a “stoneage cumbersomeness”. I want to use Roon for ALL configurations.


Gets my vote as it can be done when using the Naim app and Tidal, come on Roon!

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+1 this would be huge

+1 I djay a fair bit and use tidal streams as part of this. It’s a faff when I hear a great track on Roon Radio to have to add it to a playlist in both Roon and then Tidal.

How do we make this an official feature request or am I safe in assuming that because I want something it is ‘official’ :wink:

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As others have said, this is really needed - would love to see it bumped on the development roadmap. It creates a major frustration when using Roon as new songs then aren’t available in the car, gym, etc without a manual workaround.