TIDAL - update playlists automatically


I had some discussions with the support team about an issue (confirmed by QA), and they advised me to request for a new feature:

I would love that Roon could update TIDAL playlists automatically as for the moment once a TIDAL playlist is added, it remains static unless removed / re added.

To give you more context, I copied below the issue I raised to the support team, that led to this:

"Basically, my TIDAL favorites playlists appear in Roon under my playlist. But if, within a playlist, tracks change (new tracks, new sorting, etc.), it doesn’t update inside Roon - even if I manually sync Tidal service in Roon.
However, if I favorite a new one inside Tidal and manually update on Roon, all my Tidal playlists update however.

To give you a theoretical example, let’s say that I have 5 favorite Tidal playlists (playlist 1, playlist 2, playlist 3, playlist 4 and playlist 5) - all thus appearing inside Roon - my playlists.

  • Tidal update playlist 2 and 3
  • I manually update Tidal inside Roon, but when I go inside my playlists in Roon, playlist 2 and 3 are the same as before -> not updated
  • However if I favorite a new playlist inside Tidal (let’s say playlist 6), and I manually update TIdal inside Roon, then I can see all my 6 playlists BUT playlists 2 and 3 are now updated

Bottom line TIDAL favorited playlists don’t update (in a given playlist) except if you add or remove a complete playlist"

many thanks!



Hey Eric,

In case you are running the Core on MacOs, you can try and follow my post about daily refreshing the playlists.