Add track numbers to playlists

First of all, thank you Roon team for 1.8. Generally I like the new release and visuals, it’s a step in a right direction. Vertical scrolling and iPad portrait mode are superb.

But some things were better before. I wanted to make a new topic about this one subject I haven’t seen mentioned that often elsewhere. In 1.7 we had an option to show track numbers on iPhone app. Now this setting is only visible for iPad and desktop apps. Why? I find track numbers very useful when viewing an album.

There’s plenty of space for track numbers between play button and track title. Please let us choose by ourselves, thanks.

Other things I hope will get fixed back as they were are:

  • One of the best functions of Roon, Discover, being buried under Home menu and plenty of scroll (temporary fix with bookmarks works for now though)
  • Waveform bar being shrunk to being almost useless now
  • Disappeared star ratings in discography view (these are really helpful when browsing new artists discography and trying to choose where to start from)
  • Please let users choose the size of album art on album view so we can fit more albums per page

But as said earlier, thank you. I’m sure 1.8 will be polished further in future updates. Roon still works perfectly fine and lets me enjoy my music library and discover new gems.


I would really like to see track numbers restored in the mobile app! I also find them useful; this is an important UI feature for me.


I can’t see the wave bar anymore on the iphone app unfortunately which was pretty useful to me. I also can’t the the track’s album icon on the playlist as well those two were crucial in recognizing what’s playing and finding other tracks quickly on the playlist. Hope Roon will quickly resolve those issues with a quick fix update

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Not only is the track numbering missing, but the only place you can find out how many tracks an album has is in the VERSIONS section. If the album doesn’t have multiple versions, then you can’t find out how many tracks it has.

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Thanks for the Build 763 and bringing back the star ratings on all views!

Maybe there’s hope to get back the track numbers on iPhone app also :slight_smile:

Under 1.8 we don’t have to sequencial number anymore in front of you own playlist.
If you have a playlist with 100+ tracks you don’t have any feeling where you are in the playlist. For person as me who are “number” oriented to remember a track in the playlist this is a big step back.
Can you please give us the numbers back in front of own playlist. Pictures V1.8 versus V1.7


This functionality is very useful.

I agree, I used this feature a lot (for example, recreating music countdowns of top songs from a year where creating and keeping the songs in a specific numeric position is actually important.)

Please put back track numbers in playlists. It’s valuable for my purposes and per all the previous comments.

I too miss the playlist track numbers, please bring them back!

Yes, please bring back track numbers for albums in mobile apps.

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I too miss the track numbers, please bring back track numbers for albums in iOS app.

A change that has occurred in Roon 1.8.


No numbering seems available, and I cannot find any options in settings (Such as track numbering for Playlists).

Please could an option be added to Settings to allow for the numbering on the left side as in all previous versions of Roon. The numbering relates to the added track. First one added is one (1) and the second one added is two (2), and so on so the last number reflects both the last track added and also the total number of tracks in the playlist, a number which is actually shown in the Playlist description.



I posted this same request, as you know, about 5 days ago. :slightly_frowning_face: The track listing numbers on the playlist are not visible either on iPad or the desktop. It is ALL the platforms including iPhone. Thought I’d point that out as it seems just gone missing! :grinning:

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When I originally made the request it was only for album view. I didn’t notice track numbers were missing from playlists since I use playlists so rarely. Anyway they should be brought back there also. No real reason why they were removed in first place.

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Is there a way to get the numbers back… kind of sucks that they are there anymore

Agree with everyone here. Track numbers essential part of appreciating and managing the library.

Weirdly, it is not possible to turn on ‘show tracks’ in settings with Android tablet in portrait mode, but it is possible in landscape. However that doesn’t make the track numbers appear in the tablet regardless of mode. And of course doesn’t show on Android phone either.

This applies to albums, not just playlists.

Serious loss of functionality IMHO.

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@support Any update on this request?
(Get number back in front of you own playlist)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Mac mini MD388, macOS Catalina, Roon 1.8 (build 778)

Description Of Issue

I don’t consider this as a feature request, because Roon was showing track numbers in playlists before 1.8. And that’s just base must-have usability. So please bring back track numbers. Why can I select Dynamic range or Plays and Last played and other things that I never used in playlists, but cannot select such a simple option as displaying track numbers?


This seems to be going nowhere. A simple fix back to having numbered tracks from 1 to …

Hopefully someone technical will monitor this thread and at least respond.